Can you help please?

Ultimate relies a great deal on the kind support of many people around the country.  When it comes to being directly involved with the UKU people often seem to have the impression the only way to help is by being on the Board.  Actually this definitely isn't the case.  This page has been set up to try to provide a clear list of areas where we need help...  Often, the exact nature of what has to be done is open to be decided and can probably be adapted to suit your situation.

In general - and unless it says otherwise - please use the contact form, or email if you would like to discuss getting involved. 

And - well - thanks in advance!



Here is a list of areas where it would be fantastic to have more help at the moment.

- Artwork/Design - we are considering an update to the UKU logo/branding and also want to start planning for GB kit 2011-12.  We are also planning to be exhibiting/demonstrating ultimate at some large multi-sport exhibitions/shows in 2010 - it would be fantastic to have some support and expertise to help make sure ultimate looks the part.

- Accounting - Dom Hall, the current treasurer, is planning to resign later this year.  Thankfully - Wayne Davey has generously agreed to stand for the role (although I don't think he'd mind if someone else did it).  It would be really useful to have 2-3 other people with accounting/finance background that could help out with tasks from time to time so as to limit the impact on our volunteer Treasurer. 

- Getting Started resources and information - there is so much great know-how out there - it would be cool to pull some of it together and create a really clear starting point for new teams/players in the UK.

- GCSE Assessment criteria.  Following some work done by an individual that sent criteria for ultimate to an exam board, the exam board has contacted UK Ultimate to help finalise the criteria.  Relatively urgent help needed from some PE teachers that are familiar with ultimate to help refine and finish off please.  Its probably just a couple of hours for someone with experience of GCSE PE.

- GB Juniors.  There is no denying that this is a pretty demanding area.  Whilst our team for managing and coaching the squads in 2010 is in place we are always keen to hear from people that might be interested in getting involved now or in the future - and we know that some of the current team would like a break after 2010.  We're particularly keen to encourage players at the "experienced end" of their playing careers to get involved with this.

- Content for UKU website -> write a tournament report - or become part of a broader team to make sure the updates keep on coming...


Last updated 8 Feb 2010


NB - this is not an attempt to press-gang you into doing something.  We're really just trying to improve the levels of communication about what is going on and where/how you can get involved - if you would like to.