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Leadership Courses
We offer a number of leadership courses for schools to host. 

Leader Award for teachers and adult leaders.

Sports Leader Award for young leaders and pupils. 

Leadership courses and taster workshops have been the most affective way of kick-starting Ultimate clubs in schools.

Contact us directly for more information about our course options

Schools Affiliation
A free to joint scheme with the simple aim of connecting with schools better.

Please sign your schools up by using the Affiliation Form so we can add the schools details to our database.

Please visit the affiliation page here


Schools Ultimate is growing across the UK - we want everyone to join in. The Matalan Sporting Promise yoUR Activity has been a great way for us to launch the Schools National Championship Series. Based loosely on the ideas of School Games levels, we have produced documents to support leaders in running felxibile Ultimate competitions in their schools.

Further up from the resources, UK Ultimate will aim to support and sanction school events [similar to level three schools games festivals]. Any cluster of schools that host a competition, of almost any size, can seek to have the event sanctioned so that the winning school can gain a place at the UKU Schools National Championship Finals.

Our aim is to create flexible competititon within and between schools.

Please visit the uku-schools page and download our documents for more information.

Schools Affiliation Process

Welcome to the schools affiliation page


Affiliation Form


Coaching Awards


for Schools

School Affiliation Welcome Pack

UK Ultimate Schools Affiliation is a free to join scheme for schools to affiliate with the National Governing Body. Thanks to support from Discraft, we are now able to offer 5 free discs to schools that affiliate with us. 


Please sign your schools up using the Affiliation Form so we can add the schools details to our database. If you are ready to sign up to the schools affiliation scheme, please progress to the online form: Schools Affiliation Form


The Affiliation Scheme intends to develop the following:
  • Schools Map: listing the schools that have teams across the U.K.
    • UK Ultimate is attempting to find and support those schools that are playing Ultimate
    • The scheme will encourage schools to find each other and create local competition
  • Schools E-Newsletter, called SpinIt: highlighting the latest school and junior tournament news.
    • The lead point of contact will be signed up to our schools newsletter as well as the UKU Member Update
  • Schools National Championship Series: the affiliation scheme will help the SNCS to grow and become a regular competition structure. 
  • Insurance at competitions.
    • Official UKU competitions require individuals to be members of UK Ultimate to have appropriate insurance cover.
    • The affiliation scheme is a way for schools to officially use their own liability insurance so that, when competing as a school, the members of the teams don't need to pay for individual UKU membership - but still have liability insurance.
Future changes
  • Price: we have decided the launch the scheme as free to join, and free from any costs. Future plans may include some sort of fee. This will only seek to benefit the scheme and will be subject to feedback from the schools that are part of the scheme. 
  • Rewards: as the scheme grows we will consider putting together a larger rewards scheme, such as exclusive discounts or offers for affiliated schools. This will be subject to feedback from schools that are part of the scheme. 

UKU Schools

"UKU Schools National Championship Series" is the competition series that brings together local, inter-schools competitions (and festivals!) running across the UK, giving teams the opportunity to attend Finals day in June. Using an adapted version of the game to make it easier for schools to pick up and play, it will feature shorter games, smaller teams and flexibile pitch sizes!

The series aims to encourage and connect as many school-based Ultimate festivals and competitions as possible. Festival-organisers can apply for free to join The Series. Following local sucess school may wish to attend a 1-day National Schools Finals to compete and play against other schools from all over the country.

We are looking for schools, schools-games areas, or maybe individuals to contact us to include their festival as part of the Series. Please contact us via email to inform us of any competitions or festivals you run: admin[at]

The Series is open to all UK-based secondary schools for players up to and including Year 11.  There are no specific gender restrictions; and for the moment there is just one age-group.  

In our UKU-Schools-Championships-booklet you should find all the information that we think you need in order to get involved.  There is some general information; and some UKU Schools Series-specific information. The booklet contains the following sections:

Schools Ultimate Booklet.pdf1.12 MB

UKU Schools 2012

We are using this page to provide a simple-list of the schools ultimate festivals that have already joined - or are in the process of finalising details for - the UKU Schools National Championship Series 2012.

If you would like more information about one of these festivals please either contact us, or if available please use the contact details below. 

Some of the festivals noted below will happen after the likely Finals date in 2012.  The organisers of those festivals will be offered a place at the Finals to be determined by them in the most appropriate method (e.g. drawn from hat).






Theale, West Berks (10th July)

Wandsworth (mid-end May)

Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire (date tbc)

Stowmarket, Suffolk

Newbury (July 8th)

North London




We are delighted to announce that we have signed a new long-term partnership agreement with Discraft, re-confirming the UltraStar and J*Star as the official discs of UK Ultimate.  In addition to the sponsored game-discs at UKU events, Discraft is providing us with hundreds of discs each year to support our youth programmes. On the back of this we will be sending a set of free discs to affiliated schools, Thanks Discraft!

We also recommend the following companies:

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