How UKU works

In 2008, UK Ultimate (UKU) became a company limited by guarantee.  We are a not-for-profit organisation.

The members are effectively the “owners” of UK Ultimate, rather like the shareholders of a company, except that in particular the organisation cannot distribute any profits.

The members elect a Board of Directors to act on their behalf in looking after the interests of the organisation.

The Board in turn appoints a number of people and committees to take responsibility for various activities and/or areas within the sport.

Board of Directors

UK Ultimate Ltd is the governing body for the sport of Ultimate in the UK. UKU Ltd is a company limited by guarantee, accordingly Board members are company directors.

The Board’s role is summarised as follows:

  • Determine UKU Ltd’s mission and purpose ensuring that UKU Ltd complies with it’s governing document, company law and any other relevant legislation or regulations
  • Determine and monitor UKU Ltd’s activities and services – ensuring that appropriate practices and policies are in place, defining goals and setting targets
  • Appoint, support and review the performance of the CEO/Administrator and UKU Ltd as a whole against agreed targets ensuring effective and efficient administration of the organisation
  • Ensure the availability of adequate resources, approve annual budgets and ensure that UKU Ltd uses its resources exclusively in pursuance of its governing document and is financially stable
  • To protect and manage the property of the organisation and to ensure the proper investment of funds
  • Safeguard and enhance the public image of both the sport and the organisation
  • Assess its own performance and account to the members for the organisation’s performance
  • Serve as a Court of Appeal

Other duties

In addition to the above statutory duties, and role-specific responsibilities below, each Board member should use any specific skills, knowledge or experience they have to help the board reach sound decisions. This will involve:

  • Have regular access to email/internet and read email at least once a week (other than during planned absence).  Weekly email volume is less than one hour – but does increase around Board meetings
  • Attend Board conference calls (approx 6 calls per year) plus one face-to-face meeting and respond to correspondence within 5 working days
  • Read all emails posted on UKU Ltd Board e-group and UKU Ltd Member Updates
  • Scrutinising board papers
  • Leading discussions
  • Focusing on key issues
  • Providing guidance on new initiatives
  • Other issues in which the Board member has special expertise

There are up to eight elected positions on the Board as follows:


The chairperson is responsible for leading the Board:

  • Ensure regular board meetings/calls occur
  • Chair board meetings – and support/encourage activity and discussion between meetings
  • Ensure Board meetings are effective
  • Support, advise and manage the CEO/Administrator
  • Member of Remuneration committee

The Treasurer has overall responsibility for all UKU finances and budgets.  In particular the Treasurer should work with the CEO/Administrator to:

  • Supervise accounting
  • Authorise payment of UKU bills
  • Ensure tax obligations are met
  • Chair Remuneration committee
  • Member of Grants committee


Director of Competitions (DoC)
The DoC is responsible for planning the UK ultimate events calendar across all divisions and for coordinating all UKU events and the associated rules – including ensuring we have a clear strategy for the ongoing evolution of the national competition structure.
These activities should be done by leading two key groups of volunteers:

  • UKU Competitions Committee
  • UKU Scheduling Committee

The Director of Competitions’ role is to lead these groups to deliver “the calendar”, the UKU competition rules and the UKU competition structure.


University Coordinator
The Uni-Coordinator is elected by University Members annually in the Summer and is responsible for University Competitions and promotion of student ultimate.  The role includes:

  • Chairing the Uni Coordinators Committee
  • Answering queries from student players
  • Ensuring AGM and e-AGM take place
  • Attend and chair AGM


Director for Junior Ultimate
One member of the Board is required to be or become an active member of the Junior Ultimate committee in order to ensure we maintain good communication between the Board and the Junior committee.  This role include:

  • Ensuring that the organisation continues to review and improve its approach to Safeguarding/Child Protection
  • Supporting the administration of the Enhanced CRB disclosure process.


Without Portfolio
The remaining three positions on the Board are all "without portfolio" in order to offer an opportunity for individuals to propose and take a key role in an area that they feel is important.


A Vice-Chair is appointed from the without-portfolio board members:

  • Takes role of Chair when s/he is not available
  • Provides support to Chair when needed

Current Board Members

Current board members are:


Chairman: Graham Mynott

I started playing ultimate as a student at Southampton University in 1985, I still have the Glyn Lewis designed shirt still (a bit thin now mind). My main ultimate playing career in this country was with Catch 22 and LeedsLeedsLeeds on sand and grass, in domestic, european and world competitions: legendary times. I'm the proud owner of a gold medal from the Euros in 2003 representing the Masters (got the winning point disc as a memento too) and a bronze from the Turku Worlds the following year , although my first Masters foray was in Sweden back in 1996. I don't play any more apart from an annual trot at Glastonbury with the Catch family. My son's got the golden arm though.
My day job is as Chief Executive of Keyhouse a supported housing, advice and training charity based in Keighley in West Yorkshire - I've been running this charity, and before that another in Oldham for well over 10 years now and somewhere in there is the reason that Si Hill approached me to act as Chair when Jamie Cross was heading west. My work has always been based around housing and homelessness.

Treasurer: Wayne Davey

I started playing ultimate at Warwick in 1985. Since then I’ve played at all levels, in mixed, masters and open divisions and I’ve been lucky enough to play in World Championships on 5 continents. I have captained the GB Masters team several times on both grass and sand, including leading the team to success in the 2003 European Championships. I've also been on winning teams at UK Nationals in open, mixed and indoors. In 2011 I was part of the GB mixed masters team that won the World Beach Championships. Unfortunately, injury now limits my ultimate to 2 or 3 beach tournaments a year.

Off the field I have been the treasurer of UK Ultimate for the last 3 years or so. I was also the first treasurer of the UK Ultimate's predecessor organisation. While I have been on the Board I chaired the UKU Spirit of the Game Committee for 2 years. I also spent a couple of years on the BULA Beach Ultimate Committee.


Director of Competitions: Chris White

I've been part of the competitions committee since 2008, starting as the Mixed Coordinator for 4 years and serving without portfolio until 2014 when I became DoC. I have kept a working knowledge of the competitions structure & rules central to my work. These areas are vital to steering the structure of UKU competitions in the coming years as we need to find new ways to grow with the number of teams & players.


University Coordinator: Chris Bamford

My name is Chris Bamford. For those of you who don't know me I'm a maths Graduate from Nottingham University. I started playing Ultimate in my second year of university so have now played three years of university ultimate with Fling (Nottingham University) including one year acting as Events Coordinator on the committee there.

My club ultimate has consisted of playing with Flyght club for a year and then two years of training and competing with Emo. I was on the Uni Committee as northern RC prior to becoming UKU University Coordinator.

I'm looking to increase ties between local clubs and universities, provide more support for new or small university teams and develop a greater awareness of the benefits of fitness work in Ultimate, particularly in relation to avoiding injuries.


Director for Junior Ultimate: Joe Wyatt

I have taught beginner juniors, supported club level teams that have included juniors, helped to promote ultimate in schools through the Matalan Sports Promise and I managed the GB juniors U20s for a 2-year cycle.
As well as this key experience and knowledge these have given, I have also been involved in the youth service since I was 17. In that time I have moved up the ranks to a development officer for a national youth movement. All this experience has given me the knowledge and skills to help young people to reach their full potential. Working as a youth worker gives me daily learning that I will bring to the role.
As a person I'm driven, enthusiastic and a keen problem solver who enjoys a challenge. I'm truly passionate about youth rights and welfare which has a importance role in the development of junior ultimate.

Without Portfolio: Tom Howard

I started working with UKU as the Northern University Co-ordinator back in the mid-2000s. That made me want to take a greater part in taking this sport forward, so I stood for the full Board a few years later. The reasons I stood for the Board then hold true now, so my manifesto also remains much the same!

I bring to the Board experience of company directorship and strategic sports management, having been the Executive Officer for Sports and the University of Sheffield Students Union – a multi-million pound turnover business, part of which saw the running of over 40 sports clubs, 120 teams and several thousand athletes, as well as many more social players.

When I first stood, I also stood on the basis that I would use my day-job experience of PR, public affairs and press relations to help raise the profile of the UKU in the media, and to deal with press enquiries. During my term, I have in part done that, particularly with regards to dealing with reactive press enquiries and in advising on how to deal with reputational issues.


Without Portfolio: Willis Bruckermann

In this country, we have an incredible amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to ultimate. However, the institutional structures that underpin the sport remain poorly understood by many in the sport itself. I've played this sport for all of my adult life, and as I begin to transition out of the competitive playing phase of my career I would like to continue contributing to the community at the institutional level.

Among the issues I would be interested in addressing are:
- knowledge dissemination on UKU's decision making process and rationale in order to bring the governing body closer to the players, many of whom remain woefully under-informed on how the UKU supports their sport
- enhancing institutional mechanisms for best practice dissemination when it comes to developing players
However, the above issues are far from the only ones I in which I have an interest, and any issue brought to the Board will have my full attention.


Without Portfolio: Georgie Winborn

I started playing in Edinburgh in 2003. I have played at women's tour every year since then for Swift and then Nice Bristols. I have just attended World Clubs with the latter and have attended EUCF several times with both teams. I have also played World Clubs in the mixed division. I have represented GB in the mixed division in 2007/8 and 2011/12. I was elected to the UKU Board of Directors in 2009 and continued in that role ever since. I have been on the women's committee for several years and am in the process of redeveloping the committee's function to further develop Ultimate for UK women. I am pasionate about promoting and developing women in Ultimate and as a physiotherapist encouraging women to do more sport/exercise in general. I also co-ordinate the medical support services for GB teams and UKU tournaments.

I have enjoyed my role in making decisions to help UKUltimate grow and develop over the last 5 years and I feel I can contribute further if re-elected. I think it is vital that there is women's voice on the Board.

Without Portfolio: Nick Smith

Nick Smith is a consultant in the sport, education and charity sectors, specialising in corporate social responsibility, fundraising and brand communications. Following 5 years in the telecommunications sector, Nick has enjoyed various commercial and strategic roles including at the University of Cambridge, The Prince’s Trust, Right To Play UK and brand design agency, Navyblue. When not consulting, he is also Head of Development at the University of Roehampton. A keen sportsman, he has tried his hand at most things, goes for a run whenever time allows, loves a game of chess and still tries his hand at tennis and squash. He played a lot of Ultimate from 1995-2005 including appearances for GB Open in 2000 and 2003.

CEO/Administrator: Simon Hill





UKU Staff

In addition to having the support of many volunteers, we have - for several years - employed an administrator to help keep the organisation running as smoothly as possible.  In 2007 we extended this role to include the day to day management of all aspects of UKU.


Reports to the Chair of the Board, and is responsible for the management of UK Ultimate and implementing the day-to-day administrative activities of the organisation.

At a high level the purpose of the CEO role is:

  • Work with the Chair to ensure that the Board formulates and regularly review the UKU’s mission and strategic plan; ensure it is able to monitor annual plans and targets
  • Be responsible for staff/volunteer leadership, management and administration of the organisation in executing the agreed plans and fulfilling its obligations – which includes dealing with important, but unexpected issues that arise
  • Work with the Chair to ensure that the Board receives appropriate advice and information on all relevant matters and hence enable it to fulfil its governance responsibilities
  • Promotion of the sport and the organisation – ensuring that both are appropriately presented to stakeholders, e.g. UKU members, sports teachers, fund-awarding bodies, WFDF, etc
  • The CEO/Administrator is also a director and Company Secretary

The administrative activities include:

  • Managing membership data and sending membership packs (e.g. membership cards)
  • Admin of Board meetings – i.e. dates and minutes
  • First line of response to players and public approaching UKU
  • Ensure tournament calendar is available and accurate
  • Maintenance of Insurance arrangements
  • Administer Board elections
  • Administration of UKU coaching courses – attendees, material, venue, etc.
  • Administration of Enhanced CRB checks: managing checks, member details, etc, maintaining list of checked people; and any other administrative activities that arise from running these CRB checks.

For the time being these roles are both filled by a single individual (Si Hill - see picture).  We have an expectation that as the organisation continues to grow we will be able to separate these roles.

Governing Documents and Reports

Governing Documents

* Memorandum and Articles of Association of UK Ultimate Ltd.


Annual Reports

* Annual Report 2012

* Annual Report 2011

* Annual Report 2010

* Annual Report 2009


AGM Minutes

* Sept 2016

* Sept 2015

* Sept 2014

* April 2013

* March 2012

* May 2011



* Accounts YE 2015

* Accounts YE 2014

* Accounts YE 2013

* Accounts YE 2012

* Accounts YE 2011

* Accounts YE 2010

* Accounts YE 2009

* Accounts YE 2008


Other Documents

* Transgender Policy

* Minutes of General Meeting Sat 9 November 2013

* Strategic Plan Summary 2013-16

* Spirit of the Game Policies

* Conduct and Complaints Policy

* Anti-Doping Policy document (also see online anti-doping pages)

* Equity Policy

* Expenses Policy and expense form

* Risk Management Assessment 2011

* Whistleblowing Policy

* Conflict of Interests Policy




20100611 UK Ultimate Equity Policy.pdf72.86 KB
UKU Articles of Association.pdf91.49 KB
Annual Report YE 2009.pdf156.04 KB
UKU Accounts YE 2009.pdf51.23 KB
UKU Accounts 2008.pdf42.76 KB
Annual Report YE 2010.pdf213.1 KB
201107 UKU AGM May 2011 - Minutes.pdf243.98 KB
UKU Expenses policy 2011.zip317.88 KB
Business Plan 2011 - Final.pdf179.51 KB
UKU Risk Management Assessment 2011.pdf412.51 KB
UKU Accounts YE2010 scan.pdf133.43 KB
Annual Report YE 2011.pdf230.87 KB
PDF of FINAL stat accounts 2011.pdf103.52 KB
201203 UKU AGM March 2012 - Minutes.pdf209.15 KB
SOTG - UKU policies v1-1.pdf672.16 KB
201210 Conduct and Complaints Policy.pdf192.39 KB
201210 UKU Whistleblowing Policy.pdf86.92 KB
201210 UK Ultimate Conflict of Interest Policy.pdf83.99 KB
UK Ultimate Strategic Plan Summary 2013-16.pdf457.95 KB
Annual Report YE 2012.pdf237.56 KB
UKU_Memorandum.pdf25.14 KB
201304 UKU AGM April 2013 - Minutes.pdf218.63 KB
Full Statutory Accounts 2012.pdf108.64 KB
201311 UKU General Meeting Nov 2013 - Minutes.pdf226.21 KB
UK Ultimate Anti Doping Policy - adopted Nov 2013.pdf69.26 KB
201409 UKU AGM Sept 2014 - Minutes.pdf220.36 KB
2013 Accounts - Final.pdf97.33 KB
2014 Accounts - FINAL_web.pdf101.84 KB
201509 UKU AGM Sept 2015 - Minutes.pdf236.9 KB
201609 UKU AGM Sept 2016 - Minutes.pdf506.34 KB
2015 Accounts - final.pdf171.83 KB
201709 UK Ultimate Transgender Policy v1.pdf404.93 KB

Conduct Committee Reports


Date Report Date Complaint By Complaint Against
Dec 2013 April 2014 Nick Brownbill James Bush


20140402 UK Ultimate Conduct Committee Report.pdf431.57 KB

Can you help please?

Ultimate relies a great deal on the kind support of many people around the country.  When it comes to being directly involved with the UKU people often seem to have the impression the only way to help is by being on the Board.  Actually this definitely isn't the case.  This page has been set up to try to provide a clear list of areas where we need help...  Often, the exact nature of what has to be done is open to be decided and can probably be adapted to suit your situation.

In general - and unless it says otherwise - please use the contact form, or email if you would like to discuss getting involved. 

And - well - thanks in advance!



Here is a list of areas where it would be fantastic to have more help at the moment.

- Artwork/Design - we are considering an update to the UKU logo/branding and also want to start planning for GB kit 2011-12.  We are also planning to be exhibiting/demonstrating ultimate at some large multi-sport exhibitions/shows in 2010 - it would be fantastic to have some support and expertise to help make sure ultimate looks the part.

- Accounting - Dom Hall, the current treasurer, is planning to resign later this year.  Thankfully - Wayne Davey has generously agreed to stand for the role (although I don't think he'd mind if someone else did it).  It would be really useful to have 2-3 other people with accounting/finance background that could help out with tasks from time to time so as to limit the impact on our volunteer Treasurer. 

- Getting Started resources and information - there is so much great know-how out there - it would be cool to pull some of it together and create a really clear starting point for new teams/players in the UK.

- GCSE Assessment criteria.  Following some work done by an individual that sent criteria for ultimate to an exam board, the exam board has contacted UK Ultimate to help finalise the criteria.  Relatively urgent help needed from some PE teachers that are familiar with ultimate to help refine and finish off please.  Its probably just a couple of hours for someone with experience of GCSE PE.

- GB Juniors.  There is no denying that this is a pretty demanding area.  Whilst our team for managing and coaching the squads in 2010 is in place we are always keen to hear from people that might be interested in getting involved now or in the future - and we know that some of the current team would like a break after 2010.  We're particularly keen to encourage players at the "experienced end" of their playing careers to get involved with this.

- Content for UKU website -> write a tournament report - or become part of a broader team to make sure the updates keep on coming...


Last updated 8 Feb 2010


NB - this is not an attempt to press-gang you into doing something.  We're really just trying to improve the levels of communication about what is going on and where/how you can get involved - if you would like to.