Qualification for international club competitions 2013-2014

Following a Competitions Committee review of the qualification for xEUCF 2013 and WUCC 2014, the UK bids will be assigned as outlined here

*** UPDATE MARCH ***  Following some feedback and further consultation the Competition Committee has made a revision to the qualification process for WUCC 2014 to ensure that results from xEUCF have an impact on the WUCC bids even if the Nationals-winners are highest finishing team at xEUCF (see below).

xEUCF 2013

Open, Women’s, Mixed: Qualification in these divisions will be through final placings at UKU Nationals 2013. The schedules will of course be adjusted as necessary to create fair chances for all teams.

Masters:  Currently subject to a consultation process with teams. Will be confirmed ASAP.

UK (EUCS Region West) will receive 6 bids to the Open division.  The number of bids in the other three divisions is yet to be finalised by EUF Championships Series Committee.


WUCC 2014

Open, Women’s, Mixed: qualification will be through a combination of UKU Nationals, XEUCF, and UKU Tour.

  1. The winner of UKU Nationals 2013 in each division wins a spot at WUCC 2014
  2. The highest placed UK team at XEUCF in each division (excluding winner of Nationals) also wins a spot at WUCC 2014
  3. Any remaining spots are allocated based on the UKU Tour rankings 2013

Note that if the winner of UKU Nationals is the highest placed team at xEUCF, the next ranked team at xEUCF will be awarded the 2nd WUCC bid.

Masters: Qualification will be through UKU Nationals 2013.

The number of bids that UK will receive in each division at WUCC 2014 is not yet known.