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UKU University Mixed Outdoor Nationals 2016-17

Submitted by ukuadministrator on Tue, 21/02/2017 - 12:54pm
Event date: 
25 Mar 2017 - 09:00 - 26 Mar 2017 - 17:00
Event details: 


University Mixed Outdoor Nationals will be held on the weekend of 25-26 March at Leicester University.

IMPORTANT UPDATE. ALL Teams please read whole announcement and complete survery here.


Update 24th March

Info Pack V2.1 includes a pitch map, a link to the league vine website with the schedule and updated tournament rules.


Update 21st March

Info Pack 2.0 provides some further details including a reminder of the gender rules being used at the event.

Update 17th March

Information Pack version 1 provides some additional details.  This document will be updated in the final days before the event.

Registration is closed.  Teams that enter at this stage will be placed on a waiting list.


Update 13 March 2017: The teams listed at the bottom of the page are confirmed.

We are aware that some teams are going to want help with accommodation.  The event is large and we probably cannot help everyone.  Please use the following form to let us know your situation:  https://goo.gl/forms/5AxiNVErNxvWHCab2

Even if you do NOT want or need help it would be great if you could confirm this via the form please.

The UKU event entry form will remain open and available, but teams entering now will be placed on a waiting list.


For this Mixed event, each point will be played with 3 of one gender and 4 of the other. Make sure you have enough of both!

For the gender balance of each point, we will be playing the 'Endzone Decides' rule from the 2017 WFDF Appendix (instead of the old 'Offence Decides' rule) - check out the rule below. Make sure you're familiar with how that all works!


A7.3. Ratio Rule B (“end zone decides” rule):
A7.3.1. At the start of the game, after the first disc flip, an additional disc flip happens
with the winner selecting which end zone is “End zone A”, with the other end
zone becoming “End zone B”. At the start of each point the Team that is at End
zone A must choose the gender ratio. This process applies for the first half. For
the second half, at the start of each point the Team that is at End zone B must
choose the gender ratio.


We'll run a Swiss Draw format like last year (similar to Windmill) which will give us a fair tournament with lots of close matches even though we expect a sizeable number of teams. We have capacity for 48 teams this year. 

We do not guarantee to be able to provide accommodation for everyone, but we will try and source as much as we can with local players or in scout huts. Please do not ask for accommodation unless you really need it as it's likely to be a challenge for an event this size!



Team Name University # TEAMS
Aberdeen University of Aberdeen 1
Aye Aye University of East Anglia 1
Bangor  Bangor University 1
Bath University of Bath 1
Bristol University of Bristol 1
Brunel Ultimate Brunel University 1
Cradiff No Frills Cardiff University 1
Dark Horses  University of Strathclyde  1
Durham Durham University 2
Flatball University of St Andrews 1
Glasgow 1 University of Glasgow 1
Hallam Ultimate Sheffield Hallam University 1
Heriot-Watt 1 Heriot Watt University 1
Hertfordshire Hertfordshire 1
Huddersfield Huddersfield 1
Imperial College Imperial College London 1
Jesters University of Leicester 1
Kent Touch This University of Kent 1
King's College London King's College London 1
Lancaster University Fish Lancaster University 1
Loughborough Haze Loughborough University 2
Manchester University of Manchester 1
Newcastle University  Newcastle university  1
Oxford University Oxford University 1
Plymouth Plymouth University  1
Reading Knights University of Reading 1
Ro Sham Bo Edinburgh 2
Southampton  University of Southampton 1
Stirling Stirling University 1
Strange Blue Cambridge 1
Sussex Mohawks Sussex 1
Swansea Swansea University 1
Team Surrey Ultimate  University of Surrey  1
uBu University of Birmingham  1
UCLan Spinners University of Central Lancashire 1
University of Chichester Chichester 1
University of Leeds University of Leeds 1
University of Nottingham  University of Nottingham 2
University of Sheffield University of Sheffield 1
University of Warwick Warwick 1
Uriel University of Exeter 1
York University of York 1


We confirm that the following teams are known to have dropped out:

Team Name University # TEAMS
Essex University of Essex 1



Contact name: 
Benji Heywood
Contact email: 



UKU Mixed Tour 2 2017

Submitted by Si Hill on Thu, 16/02/2017 - 4:18pm
Event date: 
22 Apr 2017 (All day) - 23 Apr 2017 (All day)
Event details: 

In an effort to improve accessibility to teams in areas that almost always have to travel, we have been working with Durham University to host this event for the first time.  We are happy to confirm the event is at Durham University sports fields at the venue that has hosted the famour Durham Hat for many years.  We have some extra fields in addition to the area used for the Durham Hat.

Please use the usual entry form.  

Closing date for entry and payment is Tuesday 4 April.

Cost will £205 per team.



Contact name: 
Si Hill
Contact number (primary): 
07802 311298
Contact email: 


£205 per team
How to register: 

Entry is done through the usual entry form.

If the tournament is over-subscribed, priority will follow the usual rules for UKU Mixed Tour:

  • Teams ranked in the top 32 of the previous tournament.
  • Foreign teams believed likely by the competitions committee to finish in the top 24.
  • Teams whose participation the UKU Competitions Committee believe will benefit the growth of Ultimate – for example, but not limited to, local teams who may not yet be ready to travel to other tournaments, or teams based in underrepresented geographical areas.
  • Teams unable to enter the previous event due to over-subscription or non-entry.
  • Remaining teams, in order of their finish at the previous tournament.




Accomodation and transport: 

Free parking is available at the fields.


Flik Clinic 3: Expansive Offence

Submitted by Brummie on Tue, 14/02/2017 - 1:20pm
Event date: 
9 Sep 2017 - 09:00 - 10 Sep 2017 - 15:00
Event details: 

Part 3 of a 3 clinic series in 2017


Ideal preparation for the new university year! Learn all about different types of throws and what situations you need them for. Become a more confident and capable handler, learn how to escape traps and work on your deep throwing skills. We’ll teach you tricks for quickly identifying poaches, spotting defences, improving communication and improve your decision making capabilities.

Contact name: 
Contact number (primary): 
Contact email: 


Event website: 


How to register: 


Accomodation and transport: 


Flik Clinic 2: Set Plays and Endzone Offence

Submitted by Brummie on Tue, 14/02/2017 - 12:31pm
Event date: 
17 Jun 2017 - 09:00 - 18 Jun 2017 - 15:00
Event details: 

Part 2 of a 3 clinic series in 2017


One for the offensively minded tacticians out there, we’ll be explaining some set plays that elite teams use, explain why they are successful, and teach you how to do them. We’ll have a strong focus on Endzone Offence too, so expect to learn some principles for scoring easily from huck plays, how to quickly convert short hucks as well as different methods of scoring from a 7-on-7 redzone scenario

Contact name: 
Contact number (primary): 
Contact email: 


Event website: 


See website
How to register: 


Accomodation and transport: 


Flik Clinic 1: Defensive Strategy

Submitted by Brummie on Tue, 14/02/2017 - 12:28pm
Event date: 
27 May 2017 - 09:00 - 28 May 2017 - 15:00
Event details: 

Part 1 of a 3 clinic series in 2017


Ramp up your defensive skills with Flik’s Defensive Strategy Boot Camp. Learn how to put on a good mark, how to shut down a dump, different ways of guarding downfield, and how to combine defensive strategies.

Take a look at zone and poach sets, plus get a taste of what a really tough practice weekend is like with Flik Boot Camp, where you’ll learn a few tricks from elite teams for combining practice with conditioning.

Contact name: 
Contact number (primary): 
Contact number (secondary): 
Contact email: 


Event website: 


See website
How to register: 


Accomodation and transport: 


Please bring: 


UKU Mixed Tour 1 2017

Submitted by jphall on Tue, 24/01/2017 - 12:41pm
Event date: 
1 Apr 2017 (All day) - 2 Apr 2017 (All day)
Event details: 

As per previous years this years Mixed Tour 1 will be held at Llanrumney Fields in Cardiff. 


Registration - Please register here by sending the appropriate contact information along with preferred method of payment. We will then contact you with the appropriate details: https://goo.gl/forms/WEEDnhfKaWU3Giim2

Places will be decided on a first come first serve basis (based on payments not registration). To enable effective scheduling we will have a cut off of numbers which may change if we get more teams. The UKU will be organising the schedule as normal and there decisions is final around numbers and entrants.

Deadline for payment will be the 13th of March. If you withdraw after this date you will not be eligible for a refund of your team fee.

Current confirmed team list:

Team Name


Bears Pairs


Black Blackbirds

Black Sheep 1

Black Sheep 2

Black Sheep 3

Blue Arse Flies

Brighton Breezy

Bristol Ultimate


Cambridge 1

Cambridge 2

Chevron Mixed

Cosmic Manatees 


Deep Space

Devon 1

Devon 2

Flyght Club

Flyght Club 2

Glasgow Ultimate

Glasgow Ultimate 2

Great Black White Sharks

Guildford 1

Guildford 2

JR 1

Leeds Squirrels

Manchester Mixed

Merseyside Ultimate

Mighty Hucks


PAF City

Pic N Mix 

Reading Ultimate 1

Reading Ultimate 2

Rebel Ultimate



Sheffield Steal




Sneeekys Light

South Wales Storm

South Wales Storm 2

St. Albans



The Brown

Thundering Herd 1

Thundering Herd 2

U24 Blue

U24 Red

U24 White

York City Ultimate (YCU)

Cost - £205 per team

Venue - There will be food available as per normal and the usual changing/showering facilities will also be available. 

Result & Spirit reporting - We will yet again be implementing a paperless system. After every game please head to the form (link to follow) and submit your game and spirit score for your opposition. In the unlikely event that no one in your team has a smartphone/device you will be able to do this at the TD desk as a last resort.

Water - As per the UKU's water policy we will be providing each team with 3 x 5L full water containers on arrival as per last year. It is then the teams responsibility to ensure there are filled from the clubhouse between game slots.

To collect your water please report to the TD desk on arrival. Any water not collected on Saturday will be distributed on a first come first serve basis on Sunday. 

Pitches - Where possible we are aiming for 5m between pitches. Where this has not been possible please ensure that you use common sense when looking where to store bags etc. 

Hooters - Games start and cap will be signalled using hooters. All games will be signalled by one long blast (under the current schedule format).

Warm ups - Where possible please run your warm ups off the pitches to ensure they stay in the best condition for the games.

Keep up to date - Follow @MT1TD for up-to date info or use the hashtag #UKUMT1 .

Physio & First Aid - There will be 2 physios on site to deal with any injuries incurred during the tournament. Please note they are not there to help with pre-existing injuries. There will also be 2 first aiders on site located in or around their ambulance. The nearest hospital can be found here - http://goo.gl/ES4NVw 

Camping - Unfortunately there will be no onsite parking this year. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Parking - As per previous years if you are parking at the fields the venue staff reserve the right to charge for parking (approx. £1 per car per day). Please note once the fields close on Saturday evening, you will not have access to your vehicle. 

Contact name: 
James Hall/Iain Thackrah
Contact email: 


Accomodation and transport: 


As above, due to issues with availability we will not be able to offer any on site camping this year. Sorry for any inconvenience.

UKU Club Mixed Indoor Nationals 2016/17

Submitted by benheywood on Mon, 25/07/2016 - 11:11am
Event date: 
4 Mar 2017 (All day) - 5 Mar 2017 (All day)
Event details: 

CXIN 2016-17 will be held on these dates at the excellent new Derby Arena (DE24 8AN).


They have 3 excellent courts set up in the infield of the velodrome, so it will be exciting to see all the cyclists whizzing by (but rest assured there is floor to ceiling netting to protect them from your errant throws). As befits a brand new venue like this, the facilities are excellent, and there's loads of chill-out space in the spectator seating for the velodrome. It's going to be fantastic, and located very nicely in the centre of the country.


There will be space for at least 24 teams.

The tournament will be Indoor Mixed, requiring a 3/2 gender split at all times. We are currently discussing whether to apply the new WFDF gender rules from the 2017 update (endzone decides ratio, rather than offence decides ratio) although all other rules will be in line with the 2013 UKU indoor rules. Please make sure you have enough of each gender!

Games will run from around 9am-5pm each day, though if demand is very high we MAY look to extend the saturday.


Registration is now open through the UKU Entry Form. Your place is reserved only when you have both entered AND paid. Teams who are unsuccessful in entering will of course be refunded.

The closing date will be Friday 9th Feb 2016, early enough to give those teams who are successful time to plan their logistics. If spaces remain after that date, we will of course continue to accept entries on a first come first served basis providing that doing so does not adversely affect the schedule for other teams - but we will be able to confirm places for entered teams at that time.

NOTE however that unless you finished highly at the same event last year, beating the closing date does not guarantee you a space. There is likely to be a large element of first-come-first-served in who gets in, as per that fourth criterion below - please read the entry rules properly. This particular tournament does tend to fill quickly.

We expect to have space for 24 teams. If the event is oversubscribed at the closing date, the method for determining entrants is below.


The venue is a normal hardcourt indoor surface - you will need clean. non-marking indoor footwear.


We do not expect to provide accommodation at this tournament. Please get in touch if this is a major problem for you, but we are unlikely to be able to help you much beyond putting you in touch with local players who MAY be able to help.



For tournaments that are over-subscribed at the closing date the following rules will apply, in order

·         Teams not on the blacklist (for late dropouts at previous events) will get priority over those who are

·         Teams finishing in the top half of the same event in the previous year will be given priority.

·         First teams will NOT get priority over second teams - it is so easy to simply change the name of a 'second team' to avoid such a rule, which would disadvantage those 'proper' clubs who have a real identity.

·         Teams will be awarded spaces based on the order of DATE (not exact time) that payment was sent. This will be assumed to be the date payment was received unless there is additional information (e.g. screenshot of transfer, postmark on stamp etc.)

If there remain too many teams - which cannot be separated by the above - for the remaining places, a lottery will be run for ONLY those inseparable teams, for those places.




UKU University Mixed Indoor Nationals 2016/17

Submitted by benheywood on Mon, 25/07/2016 - 9:45am
Event date: 
26 Nov 2016 (All day) - 27 Nov 2016 (All day)
Event details: 

UXIN 2016/17 will be held on this date at the Aldersley Leisure Village, near Wolverhampton.

Entries are now open, through the UKU Event Entry Form. The cost will be £130, and all qualifying teams are requested to enter before Wednesday 9th November, at which time we will start chasing teams to replace any who haven't entered (according to the criteria below for un-filled tournaments).


Thanks to everyone who took a look at the draft schedule posted yesterday. With over 750 views and no issues spotted, we're now confident of confirming it ahead of the weekend!


You can find the schedule here:


And the Info Pack here:


Note that as usual the online schedule will be updated regularly throughout the weekend for those following along at home.

Both schedule and info pack are also available as PDFs below, for printing.


UKU/BUCS Indoors Entry Rules

BUCS Regionals (Open/Women - see additional rules for Mixed below)

The closing date and payment date will be as announced by BUCS (to your Uni) and on our UKU event pages. BUCS will no longer accept late entries this year. It may be possible for us to institute a second round of entries after the first deadline has passed if the tournaments are undersubscribed, but these will be charged (by BUCS) at 20% over the initial price - and we cannot in any way guarantee to make space for teams who have missed the BUCS deadlines. Don't mess this up!


For tournaments that are over-subscribed at the closing date the following rules will apply, in order:

·         First teams will get priority over second teams, and second over third etc.

·         If there is insufficient room for all first teams, places will be awarded in the following order:

o   First teams finishing in the top half of the previous year’s tournament

o   First teams who didn’t enter the previous year’s tournament

o   Remaining first teams in order of their finishing position last year

·         If there are spaces remaining after all first teams have been awarded a space, second teams will be offered places in an order based on finishing position last year, and then third teams and so on

o   Second teams with no finishing position from last year will have a lower priority than those who attended – but still above all third teams (and so on)

If the cut-off happens to fall between 2 or more teams with no finishing position from last year, a lottery will be run between those teams to determine entry.

BUCS Nationals

The closing date and payment date will be as announced by BUCS. Entry is guaranteed for all qualifying teams provided they meet this deadline.

Should any teams fail to take up their spots, the places will be filled by the next-ranked team from one of the qualifying tournaments, with priority among regions determined according to the following (in order):

1.       The region(s) not yet offered an extra place under this process which had the fewest qualification spots originally

2.       The region from which the team dropped out

3.       The strongest regions, i.e.

a.       for Division 1, the region with the highest-ranked relegated team last year – but note that rule 1 means we ignore teams from regions already awarded a dropout-spot.

b.      for Division 2, the region with the highest average finishing position in Division 2 the previous year

c.       for Women’s, the region with the highest average finishing position last year.

4.       A lottery between regions that cannot be separated by the above


Rules will be the same as for BUCS tournaments, with the following additions:

Late entries may be accepted, providing that they improve the schedule for others. We will not allow late entries which make the numbers worse.

·         Single-institution teams at a given level (e.g. 1st, 2nd etc) will have priority entry at regionals over any teams at the same level who have players from more than one institution.

·         UKU reserve the right to move clubs to a blacklist if any of their teams default from any UKU University tournament at late notice.

o   Blacklisted 1st teams will only get into non-BUCS tournaments if there is space for all 1st teams; 2nd/3rd/4th teams from blacklisted clubs will only get a space if the tournament is undersubscribed – i.e. someone else’s 4th team will get in ahead of your 2nd team.

Qualifying Spots


Mixed (Div 1 + Div 2) (change versus last year)
Scotland & Northern Ireland: 4+2 (gained one div 1 spot)
North East & North West: 2+3
Yorkshire & East Midlands: 5+2
East & London 2+2
South East 2+3 (lost 2 div 1 spots, gained one in div 2)
South West: 2+2
West Midlands & Wales: 3+2 (gained a spot in Div 1, lost a spot in Div 2)

Contact name: 
Benji Heywood
Contact email: 


How to register: 

Through the UKU Event Entry Form.

Accomodation and transport: 

We do not intend to provide accommodation for this Nationals event. There are a number of relatively local universities who may be able to help you out if you ask them nicely - Warwick, Birmingham, Coventry etc. - but UKU is not centrally organising anything. There are a great many cheapish travelodges and similar options in this part of the country.