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UKU Uni Mixed Outdoor Nationals - Info Pack available

Information Pack version 1 provides some additional details about the event.  This document will be updated in the final days before the event with pitch map, link to the swiss draw schedule page and other updates as needed.

Registration is closed.  Teams that enter at this stage will be placed on a waiting list.

UKU Level 2 Coaching Course - Core Module - 3rd September 2017 - LONDON

Announcing an opportunity to take the UKU Level 2 Coaching Award. This is the Core Module and will be held on Sunday 3rd September in London. Please see UKU Events Calendar for more details and how to sign up.


UKU/SSS Scottish Open & Women's University Outdoor Championships - Resuls & Spirit

Congratulations to Edinburgh (Women) and St Andrews (Open) for their victories at SSS Champs this weekend. Congratulations also to the Women's teams from Aberdeen, Glasgow and St Andrews who through their results at this event booked their placed (alongside Edinburgh) at BUCS Championships in Nottingham in April.

UKU University Women’s Outdoor Regionals (UWOR) round-up

A total of 35 teams competed in four UWOR events over the weekend of 11-12 March.  Details for the Western, Northern and Eastern regions below.  The Scottish results will be published separately.

UKU Level 1 Coaching Course - LONDON - 23rd April 2017

Announcing another opportunity this spring to take the UKU Level 1 Coaching Award. This course will be held at St Mary's University, Twickenham on Sunday 23rd April.

UKU Club Mixed Indoor Nationals - Results & Spirit #CXIN

Congratulations to Danger! High Voltage for their title-retaining performance at last week's truly fantastic Club Mixed Indoor Nationals, and to Red for taking home the Spirit of the Game award. Twenty-eight teams battled hard all weekend at the excellent new Derby Arena venue, with cyclists whizzing past around the outside of the pitches, and Danger! overcame Hex in the final to keep hold of the trophy for another year.

UKU University Womens Outdoor Regionals and Open Warm up - Schedule and Info Pack

Please take a look at the schedule and info packs for this weekend. They are now confirmed (or as confirmed as these things ever can be)

Schedules can be found here:

UKU hiring Events Coordinator

UK Ultimate is creating a full-time position to further support the planning and organisation of UKU events.  The position will report to the CEO (Si Hill), working alongside our first Events Coordinator (Benji Heywood).

During the last 3-4 years, we centralised the running of most UKU events.  We set out to achieve the following goals:

  1. Increased control over the quality and cost of service that is offered to ultimate players attending UKU-owned events.
  2. Event-profits are re-invested in the development of the sport.  
  3. Simplify the task of being the “local organiser” for UKU events, and therefore hopefully encourage more individuals and in particular clubs to get involved at that level.
  4. Other UKU staff will also be able to take the role of local organiser without significant impact on their other activities and objectives.

This initiative has been largely successful to the point where we find ourselves needing to increase the team to keep up with the workload and build on additional opportunities that we see.  In addition to improving the delivery of the existing events calendar, we aim to provide more support to local events/competitions and introduce additional competitions and divisions, e.g. supporting school competitions, adding new masters division events.

Please see more details here including the application process.