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UK Ultimate Schools Affiliation - 100 Affiliated Schools!

The last 7 days has seen a surge of over 30 schools affiliating with UK Ultimate. This rapid sign up has seen the number of UKU affiliated schools pass 100 for 2017.

UKU Open & Women's Tour 1 - Team Entries

For OWT1 at Nottingham on 3rd/4th June, we now have a full list of team entries; please have a look at the below list to ensure that your team is on there. We can confirm that almost all teams have paid, with only a few that we are waiting confirmation on due to late entry. 

If you do not see your team below and you now wish to enter a team, or now believe you can field more than one, then please let us know no later than Friday as there are still spaces left!

UKU Mixed Tour 3 2017 Results and Spirit & Final Mixed Tour Division Rankings

Thank you to all teams who played another brilliant Mixed Tour and to BAF who hosted their 7th year at Bishops Cleeve Football Club!

Finishing off the Mixed Tour season in the sun, Great Black White Sharks took back their 1st place finish against RCGS in the final whilst Black Blackbirds and Reading Ultimate 1 battled it out for 3rd with Black Blackbirds just taking it away to win 13-10.

The Plate trophy was awarded to Brighton Breezy after winning all of their games over the weekend, whilst Spirit of the Game went to ABH. Full Spirit rankings can be found below and if you wish to find out more information or see any comments left by your opponents then please contact us.

UKU Mixed Tour 3 2017 - Spirit of the Game

Thanks to everyone who attended Mixed Tour 3 this weekend.

UKUL2 Coaching Course

If you're an Ultimate Coach and want to develop your skills, sign up for the UKUL2 Coaching Award. You can complete the Core Module on 3rd September in London.

UKU Open & Women's Tour 1 - Missing teams #ukut1

Final reminder!

The teams below (who played Tour in 2016) have not yet signed up for Tour 1. Some big, established clubs here, who are presumably just leaving it until the last minute, but you might want to chase your captain or treasurer to make sure!

Quite a lot of teams are still to pay also, but these are the ones from whom we've heard nothing so far.

Mixed Tour 3 Schedule - Minor Change #ukumt3

There has been a slight change to the schedule, only affecting the games of Reading 2 and PAF City. (And of course their opponents, who will play someone different but whose game times have not changed.)

UKU Open & Women's Tour 1 - Entry Deadline Approaching #ukut1

Please be aware that this Sunday, 14th May, is the initial deadline for entries to UKU OWT1 2017. This is both an entry AND payment deadline.

At time of writing, we have entry forms from 41 Open and 16 Women's teams, with some big names missing - and only about half of those 57 have paid. Ther are a lot of teams still to enter, and a huge number of teams still to pay - get on it!