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GB Youth Teams coach and manager applications 2017-18

UK Ultimate is inviting applications from volunteers that would like to work with the GB Youth teams during the two-year period 2017-18: see the attached job descriptions and application form.  Details of where to send applications are included in the application form.  Please send these on or before Sunday 13th November, but do get in touch if the relatively short deadline is a problem for you. 

Please also be aware of the following comments:

UKU Junior Women's Indoor Nationals

Information Pack and schedule for Junior Women's Indoor Nationals can be found on the event webpage.

The schedule is now confirmed as FINAL.  See you on Sunday morning.

As mentioned previously, UK Ultimate and Five Europe are excited about our partnership to host Five Ultimate stalls at the upcoming UKU Indoor series and note that there will be a small Five stall at this event near or alongside the TD desk.

Any questions can be sent to Five at and you can find them on twitter here. The full range of Five Ultimate merchandise can be found at

Play Hard. Have Fun! .

UKU University Mixed Indoor Regionals - Results and Spirit #UXIR

Thanks to everyone involved, and particularly the various TDs across the country, for a fantastic set of Mixed regionals. Thanks also to Five Europe for providing some sweet swag at our events too!
Congratulations to all the winners and all those who qualified for University Mixed Indoor Nationals - entries for that event will open in the next couple of days and close next week, so do keep your eyes open!

You can find full results and spirit scores here:

UKU University Committee Vacancies

Several members of the Uni committee terms are up and leaving their positions so we are looking for their replacements. The outgoing committee members are Chris Bamford, Sarah Harison, Joe Spreckley and Luke Hill.


The roles they are vacating and consequently we are looking to fill are:

Job opportunity with UK Ultimate

After six years working for UK Ultimate, Liam Kelly is moving on to take up some new opportunities.  He's not going far, and we will all continue to see plenty of him no doubt.  Nonetheless - if you see him - please say thanks!  He has given an enormous amount of time, energy and skill to developing our sport in this country.  And we're going to miss him.

As a result of Liam's move, we are now recruiting a Coach Education Coordinator.   Please see this job description for more details about the role and the application process.

UKU University Mixed Indoor Regionals - Confirmed Schedules #UXIR

After we released draft schedules through Facebook yesterday, each has been viewed at least 120 times, so we're hopeful that people would by now have spotted any major errors.

Insofar as a schedule can ever be confirmed, we can now confirm the below. In particular, we'll endeavour not to move anyone's start time earlier even if we do have to make edits due to errors, so you should now be able to trust these timings.

If teams drop out now, there is a good chance that the schedules will have byes in.


Yorks & East Mids
West Mids & Wales
East & London

Qualification rules for international club events 2017-18

In addition to the usual European Ultimate Championships Series (EUCS) in the Open, Women and Mixed divisions, 2017-18 will also see three additional international club competitions: World Clubs, a European master division event, and a World master division event.