UKU Event Announcements

This newsletter is intended to provide a simple stream of information about UKU events. At the point of launch, the intention is that this will provide a definitive source of the most important information relating to UKU events: - dates - registration processes - news updates in the weeks preceding an event (e.g. schedule released, etc)

Space at Warm-up tourney Sat 11 March

We have some space at the EAST 1-day Open Uni warm-up tournament on Saturday 11th March – more info here:


UKU Club Mixed Indoor Nationals - IMPORTANT INFO

In advance of this weekend's huge Club Mixed Indoor Nationals in Derby, we have quite a bit of important info. Please do read the Info Pack carefully as it contains a number of important nuggets.

Just in case anyone is thinking they can get away without reading it, here's a flavour of how important some things are:

UKU Club Mixed Indoor Nationals - Schedule now available

Due to the existence of a waiting list for CXIN next weekend, we feel confident in publishing the schedule nice and early for once! If anyone does drop out, the replacement team will take their seeding - without affecting any other team's times of play.

UKU Junior (U20) Indoor Nationals 2016/17 - Schedule and Info Pack

We are pleased to release the schedule for this weekend's Under 20 Indoor Nationals in Wolverhampton.

The online version will update throughout the weekend (for those following along at home) and can be seen here:

UKU Club Open & Women's Indoor Nationals 2016-17 - Results & Spirit


Congratulations to ExElle (Women's) and S&L Cartel (Open) for their victories at COWIN in Glasgow last weekend.

Thanks to Finlay Watson of Stirling for an excellent video highlight reel from the Women's event that you can see above!

Outdoor Calendar 2017 updated update

Further update 17th Feb:

  • MT2 in Durham is now confirmed
  • Nationals/EUCR-W is 3-days i.e. including Mon 28th August

UKU Club Mixed Indoor Nationals - Entry Update

After an unprecedented number of entries to CXIN 2016/17 - 35 teams filled the form - we've successfully extended our booking at the Derby Arena on the Saturday evening, meaning we can accommodate 4 more teams (so 28 total). Saturday will now run from approx 9am-830pm, so we'll need to split the day into morning/afternoon so that no one team plays the whole day.

UKU Club Open & Women's Indoor Nationals - Schedule

With apologies for the delay, please find the schedule for the weekend here:

It's now also available as a pdf for printing, from the event page.

See you on Saturday!