UKU Event Announcements

This newsletter is intended to provide a simple stream of information about UKU events. At the point of launch, the intention is that this will provide a definitive source of the most important information relating to UKU events: - dates - registration processes - news updates in the weeks preceding an event (e.g. schedule released, etc)

UKU Open & Women's Tour 3 - Schedule confirmed

Many thanks to those who have taken a look at the draft schedule for this weekend - it's been clicked nearly 900 times, so hopefully any obvious issues would have been spotted.

We can now therefore confirm it (insofar as any schedule is ever totally confirmed - but at least we do now guarantee that your start time won't move any earlier than is shown therein).

UKU Open & Women's Tour 3 2016 - DRAFT Schedule

We're pleased to now release a DRAFT schedule for this weekend.

Apologies for the delay - a reasonably spectacular THREE teams pulled out on Tuesday, and they weren't even the ones who had warned us they were a little low on numbers.

UKU Regionals / EUCQ - Entry Details

Please find below a round-up of the entry information for these tournaments, which previously went out onto the Britdisc email group or elsewhere.

UKU Open & Women's Tour 3 - Update #ukut3

We currently have 54 Open and 23 Women's teams.


WindFarm Results - UKU Open & Women's Tour 2 2016 #ukut2

Thanks to everyone who attended for a great weekend at the aptly-named Nottingham WindFarm 2016. The best we can say about the weather is that the wind did a good job of drying all the standing water after the deluge on Saturday morning - it really seems like it's just one of those years for Tour weather!


The Nottingham WindFarm - UKU Tour 2 2016 - Final Schedule and Info Pack

Thanks for your patience!

We're now delighted to release the final schedule for the weekend. We believe we've spotted any errors, though of course we can never guarantee that. We do now undertake not to move anyone's games earlier than the current start time, so you should now feel comfortable finalising your plans.

The Nottingham WindFarm - UKU Tour 2 2016

Thanks for your patience regarding details of this event. This is just a quick note to say once again that details will follow soon! We're unable to really start work on the schedule etc. until Tuesday of next week due to other equally pressing commitments, so please do continue to show patience for a little longer.