UKU Member Update

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UKU Member Update Jan 2014

In this update:

1. U17 & U14 Indoor Nationals

2. GB Juniors update and trials

3. New UKU staff members

4. WFDF news

5. Club Affiliation reminder

6. Matalan Sporting Promise - Community Clubs news

7. WFDF Rules accreditation

UKU Member Update December 2013

In this update:

1. Membership and Ultimatum!

2. UKU Club Affiliation

3. Events Calendar 2014 reminders

4. Uni Women's Indoors gains BUCS recognition

5. Uni and Junior Indoor Results

6. WFDF Rules accreditation

7. Reminder re GB Juniors 2014

8. Updated Governing Documents of UK Ultimate

9. Old tournament-organiser gear?

UKU Member Update November 2013

In this update:

- UK Ultimate application to Sports Councils

- Membership and Ultimatum!

- Events Calendar 2014 reminders

- GB Juniors 2014

- Sports development dissertation idea

UKU Member Update October 2013

In this update:

1. Notice of UKU General Meeting on 9th November

2. GB round-up

3. Club competitions including Operation XEUCF Cleansweep

4. Qualification to WFDF WUCC

5. Membership and Club Affiliation

6. Competition Committee changes

7. Event Calendar announcements

Member Update Mar 2013

In this update:

  1. AGM and Board Election
  2. Events Roundup
  3. GB Ultimate
  4. UKU Membership and Club Affiliation
  5. Event Calendar Reminders
  6. International Club Qualification 2013-14
  7. Coaching Scheme

Member Update Feb 2013

In this update:

  1. Events Roundup
  2. Calendar Reminders
  3. GB Ultimate
  4. UKU Spirit of the Game policies
  5. UKU Club Affiliation now live
  6. UKU Coaching Scheme
  7. WFDF Rules
  8. Can you help please?
  9. Website maintenance this weekend

European Championships Beach Ultimate 2013 - Player Applications

The European Championships Beach Ultimate 2013 will be held at Calafell Beach (Tarragona, Spain) from the 27th to the 30th of June 2013.