Outdoor Calendar 2017 updated update

Further update 17th Feb:

  • MT2 in Durham is now confirmed
  • Nationals/EUCR-W is 3-days i.e. including Mon 28th August

Update 16th Feb:

Please see below for an update on definite and provisional dates and venues for outdoors competitions in 2017. All of the dates below are fixed.  Venues in bold are confirmed.  All other venues are provisional, so please do not make any travel plans or book accomodation based upon them!  As you will see we are still working on a few gaps.  We do understand that early confirmation is important and we are working on it.

* Please note that in the Open division we are making some changes in 2017 to accommodate all the teams that usually want to enter.  At OWT2 and OWT3, there will be a second venue in a different location to accommodate some of the B&C division teams.   Our goal is to have venues and a competition structure that will reduce travel times for most of the teams attending that second venue.  In the information below we are assuming that the events labelled B-"north" and B-"south" will cater for all C-Tour teams as well as B-Tour teams.

Note also that the following dates have now been fixed:

OWT3 15-16 July

Regionals (all divisions) 29-30 July

We have included some relevant international competitions for reference.

11/12 March - University Womens Outdoor Regionals (St Andrews, Leicester, Cardiff, East region TBD)

25/26 March - University Mixed Outdoor Nationals (Leicester)

1/2 April - Mixed Tour 1 (Cardiff) 

22/23 AprilMixed Tour 2 (Durham)

29/30 April - University Mens and Womens Outdoor Nationals (Nottingham)

13/14 May - Mixed Tour 3 (Cheltenham) 

3/4 June - Open and Womens Tour 1 - ALL DIVISIONS (Nottingham Grove Farm)

17-25 June - WCBU - Royan (France)

24/25 June - Junior Outdoor Nationals (Birmingham)

1/2 July - Open and Womens Tour 2 - Divisions A, W and B-"south"* (Cardiff)

1/2 July - Open Tour 2 - Division B-"north"

15/16 - Open and Womens Tour 3 - Divisions A, W and B-"north"* (Birmingham)

15/16 July - Open Tour 3 - Division B-"south"

29/30 July - Regionals - All divisions Open, Women's, Mixed

12-15 August - EUMCC (Frankfurt)

26-28 August - Nationals (Sixways Stadium, Worcester) [** THREE DAYS **]

29 September - 1 October - EUCF