Reminder: Club Open Indoor Nationals & Scotland/SW Club Open Indoor Regionals - Closing date approaching #UKUCOIR #COWIN

What's that you say? You'd forgotten to sort it out because Christmas got in the way? :-)


Entries initially close on the 5th January for COIN (for only those teams who attended the December regionals) and for Scottish and SW COIR (plus Scottish Women's Indoor Nationals alongside ScCOIR). Get those entries in!


Remember also that payment is required to secure your spot at COIR (but not COIN - see below) - quite a lot of teams have filled the form but not paid...


Full details below, reproduced from the original announcement.



Entries are now open for the January events which will conclude our Club Open Indoor Regionals for this year. Events will run at MarJon in Plymouth (2 days) and at Ravenscraig near Motherwell (Saturday only) on the weekend of 21st January 2017.

Both an entry form AND payment will be required to secure your spot, and the initial closing date will be Thursday 5th January, 2 weeks before the event - so get on it now, otherwise Christmas will get right in the way of your planning. More details on the event page!

As usual, we will also run the Scottish Women's Indoor Championships alongside the Open qualifier - entry details are the same and can be found on that event page.



Entries are now open for Club Open Indoor Nationals, for ONLY those teams who attended COIR in Redbridge or Coventry. We would like to confirm entry for these teams in plenty of time, so that they can organise their transport up to Ravenscraig.

The top 6 from each of these events are guaranteed a spot at Nationals if they enter before the deadline. However, we do realise that for some the trip will present challenges, and even though this will be without doubt the best venue ever to host this event, there is a chance that some teams will struggle to attend. Therefore, we are interested in entries from any of the top 10 teams at each of those regional events - if you want to go but didn't qualify automatically, do please fill the form and you may get a spot if some teams above you have not signed up by the closing date. Well done to Cloud City, who seem to have found the entry form even before I announced it... #keen

The initial closing date (for teams from these 2 qualifying events ONLY) will be Thursday 5th January, which should leave plenty of time for the lucky entrants to organise their trip. You do not need to pay to secure your spot, but those who do enter and then pull out after the closing date may face some penalties - please see the event page for more details.

Remember that we are expecting to provide accommodation for teams who require it - more details nearer the time, but rest assured that if you really need a floor to sleep on it will be provided.