Salford Tour 2 - Important Final Reminders

A few things:


- Parking

Remember that the street outside this venue does not have dropped kerbs. There should be no need whatever to park on the road - we have parking both in the venue car park and on the grass - but if for some selfish reason you do, be VERY careful not to block someone's drive. It's less obvious than it normally would be. If a member of the public comes in to complain about being blocked in, quite likely we will blow a bunch of horns and stop the tournament dead until we find out whose car it is and they move it. And that's if the locals haven't already put your window through... :-)


- Medical

We have medical staff on site of course, as usual. The physio, unfortunately, can now only make the Sunday - let's hope you can make it through day 1! Please note that as usual, the first aid staff are NOT physios and will not tape up your minor injuries for you. Come to that, the physios are not there for taping your long-term issues either - learn to do it yourself before you come!


- Food

The venue have confirmed they will have sandwiches and snacks on sale in the main building, as they did at previous Salford events.


See you tomorrow!