Space at Warm-up tourney Sat 11 March

We have some space at the EAST 1-day Open Uni warm-up tournament on Saturday 11th March – more info here:


NB – just the 1-day tournament at Twyford Avenue Sports Ground, Twyford Ave, Acton, London W3 9QA

Cost is £85/team


So – we’re opening it up to ANY CLUB teams that would like to come and get a few games.  We can be flexible about how we approach it, e.g.


1. Just adding teams to a single competition with the 4 uni teams that are coming

2. Creating a separate group/competition if that makes more sense – e.g. if some mixed or women’s teams want to come and get some warm-up games 




If you want to enter please use the entry form:


If you have any questions please contact us.