UKU Club Mixed Indoor Nationals - Entry Update

After an unprecedented number of entries to CXIN 2016/17 - 35 teams filled the form - we've successfully extended our booking at the Derby Arena on the Saturday evening, meaning we can accommodate 4 more teams (so 28 total). Saturday will now run from approx 9am-830pm, so we'll need to split the day into morning/afternoon so that no one team plays the whole day. If you have a REALLY strong reason why you need one or the other, please get in touch - but note that it's obviously not possible to give everyone what they prefer, so unless you really need to finish early or start late it would be highly selfish to ask and then scupper someone who really does need it.

We are now able to announce the 28 teams who have been awarded a place at the event.

These 27 teams below had all paid by the 7 Feb at latest and are confirmed:
Chesham Kites
Danger! High Voltage
Flyght Club 1
Ians Team
JR 1
Black Sheep
Sink or Swan
Purple Cobras
St Albans
West Yorkshire Power
Cloud City 1
Jest We Forget
Flyght Club 2

JR 2 and The Brown both paid on the 9th Feb, meaning that we had to draw lots for the final place, as per the entry rules on the event page:

Having done so, The Brown were lucky enough to take the last spot. JR 2 were moved to the top of the wait list but have since said that they are unable to remain on standby in that manner and have now dropped out.

The wait list currently looks like this (with date paid):
Oxford     10/02/2017
Wild Boars     10/02/2017  (behind Oxford on the toss of a coin)
S&L Cartel     13/02/2017

Note - S&L Cartel finished in the top half last year and would have been given a preferential spot, but applied/paid after the deadline, where that rule doesn't apply any more.

The following teams have filled the form but we do not have a record of payment:


If any of the 28 teams who have been awarded a space are struggling for numbers, please do let us know ASAP so that we can allow time for the waitlist teams to be notified and to organise themselves.