UKU Club Mixed Indoor Nationals - IMPORTANT INFO

In advance of this weekend's huge Club Mixed Indoor Nationals in Derby, we have quite a bit of important info. Please do read the Info Pack carefully as it contains a number of important nuggets.

Just in case anyone is thinking they can get away without reading it, here's a flavour of how important some things are:

- There is a Derby County home game on the Saturday, so there is EXTREMELY limited parking that day - more details on your options are in the pack.

- For the gender balance of each point, we will be playing the 'Endzone Decides' rule from the 2017 WFDF Appendix (instead of the old 'Offence Decides' rule) - again, more info in the pack itself. Make sure you're familiar with how that all works!


Info Pack is here:

Schedule is here:


Both are also available as a pdf from the event page.