UKU Club Open Indoor Nationals - Entries closing soon

Final reminder!

Entries close tomorrow (2nd Feb) for Club Open Indoor Nationals.

All teams who attended any qualifier are encouraged to enter, and we will obviously then select those who performed best at regionals. As anticipated, a few of the high-finishing teams do seem unable to make the trip, so it is worth entering even if you originally thought you might miss out as there remains a chance that some lower-ranked teams will be offered a spot. But obviously, after tomorrow, that spot might go to someone who finished below you - so get those applications in.

In particular, there's a disturbing lack of Scottish teams right now, which is much more likely related to being very last-minute than to not being able to travel to the same venue you already managed for regionals - get on with it! I'm fairly confident that more than 2 Scottish teams are intending to come. :-)

All details can be found on the event page.