UKU Mixed Tour 3 2017 - Schedule Confirmed #ukumt3

With thanks for your patience, we can now confirm the schedule for the weekend.

There have been some slight changes since yesterday's draft, mainly related to the show game slot. Notably, pools C & D have swapped morning/afternoon slots in order to enable the two GB teams to play the show game (which is particularly nice, given the 'Fantasy Frisbee' they are running this weekend).

We have heard no rumblings whatsoever from any teams worried about their numbers, so we're reasonably confident in confirming at this stage. If there is a dropout, it is possible that it simply means byes - at least on Saturday - but with some teams starting so late we feel there is value in getting the schedule out even at the risk of someone ruining it later in the week.

You can see the schedule here:

See you at the weekend!