UKU Open & Women's Tour 1 - Entry Deadline Approaching #ukut1

Please be aware that this Sunday, 14th May, is the initial deadline for entries to UKU OWT1 2017. This is both an entry AND payment deadline.

At time of writing, we have entry forms from 41 Open and 16 Women's teams, with some big names missing - and only about half of those 57 have paid. Ther are a lot of teams still to enter, and a huge number of teams still to pay - get on it!


Orignal entry information below.




Entries are now open for UKU Tour 1 - The Nottingham Windfarm 2017.

We also need, with similar urgency, some information about teams' intentions for OWT2 and OWT3 - see below.



Entries for UKU Open and Women's Tour 1 are now open through the UKU Event Entry Form.

The cost will be £205, and the closing date - for both entry and payment - is Sunday 14th May (not very far away!). If you miss the deadline, it will be strictly first come first served, and you may not get in.

More details can be seen on the event page.



We would also like at this time to get some information on the likely number of entries to Tours 2 & 3, to help with our planning. Again, the deadline is Sunday 14th May.

With the split venues North/South* in the Open division this year, and obviously with each venue having a certain capacity, we would need an indication of the number of teams (both Open and Women's) so that we can sensibly plan - for example deciding where the dividing line between North and South in the open division might best sit. If you could indicate on the form which events you intend to enter, and what effect it would have on your entry if you were required to go to one venue or the other, that will enable us to make some plans.

It's important to note that saying, 'We would not attend if we had to go to venue X' will NOT affect whether you get to go to your preferred venue. You can't game the system by saying, 'We won't come if you do that!', trying to persuade us to put you at a different venue. We'll merely use your response to that question to work out how many teams we can actually expect at each venue based on different possible ways of splitting the regions.

The form is in the same place as OWT1 entry - UKU Event Entry Form - where obviously you select the 'Intention to enter' option and fill the details as appropriate.

Filling this form is NOT a binding commitment to entering these events, but we really do need everyone to fill it please so that we can make decisions about the season based on the best possible information.

* We're aware that this previous linked document suggested a closing date of 12th May for all events. This has not proved possible, and we apologise for the delay. We are currently in the process of confirming a brand new venue for the OT3 B-Tour South, near the M25/M4, but this is not yet signed and sealed and you should not base your plans on it. OT2 B-Tour North is now confirmed to be in Salford.