UKU Open & Women's Tour 1 - Seeding Information Required

Thanks to those teams who entered Open & Women's Tour 1. A full list will be published when we have reconciled who has actually paid, but rest assured there is plenty of room for all (and indeed still some room if teams have missed the deadline for whatever reason - just carry on and fill the form).

But as usual - for the first event of the year in particular - we could do with a little more information from teams about their expected standard of play.

We do have last year's results of course, and in general we would look to objectively follow those, but clearly it would be absurd to take no account of new strong teams, or much changed teams, as both they and their opponents would suffer from them being wildly mis-seeded.

If you are a new team, or you believe you have other strong reasons why your previous seeding may not be accurate, please get in touch on dmhalls1988 [ at ] (Dave is the Open division coordinator, but will also collate the Women's feedback to pass on to

Obviously the level of evidence we might require will vary in different circumstances - we're much more likely to take your word for it when you say, 'We're weaker, put us in C tour,' than when you claim that your new team should go straight into the top 8. If you are asking to be moved up, or to be inserted highly as a new team, then you will need to provide some reasons - early season results, some info about your players (previous teams, GB representation etc) or similar.

Only if you honestly believe that last year's performance is likely to be wrong by maybe 10 or more places do we need to hear from you - "We've trained a bit and think we've gotten better," is not going to cut it in the same way as "A-tour Team X disbanded and they're all playing for us now."

It's a hard job for us when 37 teams all think they should be in the A tour - try to be unbiased!