Final Reminder of European Ultimate Masters Club Championships Registration Deadline

European Ultimate Masters Club Championships (EUMCC) will be taking place from Saturday August 12th to Tuesday August 15th in Frankfurt.

Since the Women Masters Division is expected to be 6 teams, the EUF has decided to shorten the competition days in this dvision to 2 full days, begining on Saturday August 12th and Finals on Sunday August 13th.

The divisions Open Masters and Mixed Masters will be played as previously announced on 4 days.

Registration Deadlines

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  • Registration Begins: April 23rd
  • Team Registration Closed: July 2nd
  • Team Fee Payment: July 16th => After this date 10% penalty
  • Roster Freeze: July 16th
  • Player's Fee Payment: July 31st => After this date 10% penalty
  • Food & Accommodation Payment: July 31st => After this date 10% penalty

General Information

The eligibility rules for Club Masters teams are here.

Masters rosters do not fall into the eligibility rules of the EUCS in the Open, Women and Mixed division. This means that a masters player may play the EUCS2017 season with an Open/Women/Mixed club team and also the EUMCC2017.

Please notice the age limit for female players in the Mixed Masters division has been reduced to 30+ years old. See WFDF News