GB U24 teams announced

Congratulations to the players selected (see below) for the Great Britain U24 teams that will compete at the WFDF World U24 Ultimate Championships in Perth, Australia, Jan 2018.  These players were selected from our first ever GBU24 Development Programme which has been running since the initial selection phase in Autumn 2016.  We would like to thank all the players, as well as the coaches of course, who have been involved from the first trial through to the final selection.  It has been a challenging, and hopefully rewarding, programme which aimed to provide a broader training experience, enable everyone to train and play in mixed and single-gender teams, and improve the sense of "one GB squad" playing in three teams at the final event.  The selected players now look forwards to an exciting few months preparing for Worlds!  

Finally a quick word of thanks to the clubs whose players competed with the GBU24 teams during UKU Tour this year - we appreciate that this can cause difficulties at the club level.

Here are the team lists:

Mixed Women Open
Alastair McNeill Ali Thomas Arek Aspinwall
Alexis Long Alice Beeching Axel Ahmala
Alicia Tan Amelia Kenneth Chris Habgood
Andrew Boxall Amy van Zyl Christian Turvill
Andrew Lewis Bailey Melvin Teng Conrad Wilson
Andrew Turner Carla Link Declan Cartwright
Beatrix Perks Catherine Pope Elliot Canning
Charlotte Daffern Claire Baker Fergus Claridge
Christopher Sun Eleanor Taylor Gabe Schechter
Duncan Webster Elspeth Newlin George Gayton
Edward Simpson Erin McGready Jack Higgins
Fraser Macdonald Gabriela Starek Jonah Leake
Georgina Morrison Georgia Murphy Joshua Awcock
Joanne Lewis Hannah Smith Lochlan Fisher
Katie Flight Hayley Dalmon Luis Semple
Leia Turner Helena Slater Matt Anatole
Leila Denniston Jess Cowley Michael Guise
Oscar Modiano Kate Gibson Nicholas Dodd
Rachel Lee Kay White Nick Barker
Rebecca Palmer Lauren Mounteney Olly Dodd
Ruth Nicholson Martine Ballinger Piers Nicholas
Soothong Khoo Qiao Yan Soh Ryan Moar
Steve Gillman Rupal Ghelani Sam Wilson
Tom Hodgett Vicki James Seb Allen
Victoria Willby Will Rowledge