Masters Nationals and related information

Masters players please read this; sections C and E require immediate action. Also please forward this to team-mates and other masters players!

*** A. Survey Results. Masters Nationals is happening! ***

In November we asked how many of you wanted to play at a Masters Nationals event. The following number of teams expressed interest:

Mixed Masters ———————> 4

Women’s Masters —————-> 1

Open/Men’s Masters ————> 5

Open/Men’s Grandmasters —> 0

That is enough for us to go ahead with an event, which we should be able to contain to a single afternoon.  Full results of the survey (with emails removed) are available here:


*** B. How does UK Masters Nationals fit in with World-Masters Club Champs? ***

UK Masters nationals will serve as the qualification route to the World Masters Ultimate Club Championship (WMUCC) in 2018. The UK will have at least this many bids:

Mixed Masters ———————> 2 (+1)*

Women’s Masters —————-> 2

Open/Men’s Masters ————> 2

Open/Men’s Grandmasters —> 1 (+1)*


*if our WFDF World Ultimate Ranking remains in the top 3 after WCBU 2017 then there will be an additional bid in the Mixed & Grandmaster divisions, taking them Mixed Master to 3 bids and Open Grandmaster to 2 bids. WFDF World Ultimate rankings are listed here:


*** C. And what about Euro-Masters? ***

The European Ultimate Masters Club Championships event (EUMCC, August 12-15th) is currently collecting notes of interest from teams.

Pre-registration (used to gauge interest in each division) closed on Feb 15th. If you missed it, please email me ( and I’ll collate any missed teams and send them as one message onto EUF.  I’ll send that email on March 1st, so please email me before that point.


*** D. Remind me what the age-eligibility rules are? ***

These are the age you need to be, by the end of the year the event occurs in:

Mixed Masters ———————> 33

Women’s Masters —————-> 30

Open/Men’s Masters ————> 33

Open/Men’s Grandmasters —> 40

For more detail, see WFDF Rules 2017, appendix D


*** E. When is UK Masters Nationals going to be? ***

Please indicate which weekend would suit you best here:



1. the survey will close in 12-days (end of Feb), so please vote now, and encourage any potential team-mates to get voting as well.

2. if Euro-Masters is over-subscribed and the EUF need selection criteria they may choose to use attendance at UK Masters Nationals.


*** F. How do I get more team-mates / find a team? ***

We recommend using BritDisc and the UK Ultimate FB pickup group: