ULTIMATE GIRLS - development sessions throughout the UK

Details of more development session for junior girls aged 13-19.

To sign up to any of these sessions and for further details please complete the appropriate online form in the links below.



GLASGOW, Saturday 25th February. Sign up: goo.gl/XkRmX6

TELFORD, Saturday 4th March. Sign up: goo.gl/OEuT19

SOUTHAMPTON, Saturday 4th March. Sign up: goo.gl/yLs0mL

DURHAM, Saturday 11th March. Sign up: goo.gl/XNSj8d

STOCKPORT, Saturday 24th March. Sign up: goo.gl/v8D3X6


GB Junior Women's Trials will be in TELFORD on Saturday 22nd April. Sign up: goo.gl/XX2zmM