Brighton Ultimate

UK Ultimate Affiliated Club
Type: Club
UKU Affiliated Club: Yes
Welcome beginners to training?: Yes
Short description: A club based in Brighton & Hove.
Team manager: ShimmyJohnMaule
Twitter: @BrightonFrisbee


Brighton Ultimate as a club oversees the development of Ultimate in Brighton & Hove, running practice sessions through the year, organising socials, and helping Brighton-based teams enter Tour (we regularly have four Open, two Mixed, and at least 1 Women’s BU-affiliated teams entering) and international tournaments.

We welcome everyone to our club trainings and pick-up sessions (all ages & abilities) and have close links with the Sussex and Brighton university teams (the Mohawks and Brighton Panthers, respectively). Experienced players who do not intend to play tour with a BU affiliated team are also very welcome at club trainings and at pick-up sessions.

We practice all year round, and run indoor leagues through the winter and spring and outdoor leagues in the summer and autumn. Up to date practice and league info can be found on our website.

Join our Facebook Group to find out about impromptu pick-up or chuck-abouts -

Email info[at] if you have any questions.

Information correct as of: 30th December 2016.


Preston Park Brighton, ESX BN1 6HR
United Kingdom