Camden Ultimate

UK Ultimate Affiliated Club
Type: Club
UKU Affiliated Club: Yes
Welcome beginners to training?: Yes
Short description: Camden Ultimate Frisbee Club
Team manager: adamkeen


Camden Ultimate are an Ultimate Frisbee club training at Regents Park, London.

We are a North London Ultimate Frisbee Club for intermediate to advanced players. We take a highly developmental and structured approach to our training sessions, but in an open and lighthearted spirit. We have been very successful for a young club, and have advanced to the middle of B Tour. As part of our developmental agenda, we have also entered a second team in the C Tour division for the last three seasons. We have traditional ties to the UCL Ultimate Frisbee Club, and have a fairly boozy social side to go with our hard-training attitude. Do come find us at our usual training times on Sunday 10:30am, Gloucester Gate, in Regent's Park. Information correct as of July 2017

Check us out on Facebook or at our website or just come along here and say hello.


Regents Park
London NW1
United Kingdom
51° 31' 50.4732" N, 0° 8' 48.9552" W