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Name Description Team Type UKU Affiliate Accepts Beginners Members Website Added
AirBadgers Based at St. Peter's School in Exeter, we are the 2013 U17, U20 Indoor and Outdoor National... School Yes Yes 12 Go to website 25/01/07
Audlem St James Audlem St James CofE Primary School School Yes Yes 1 09/01/17
Black Sheep Ultimate A fun and friendly yet competitive team based in Manchester. Club Yes Yes 67 Go to website 17/06/07
Brighton Ultimate A club based in Brighton & Hove. Club Yes Yes 183 Go to website 01/02/07
Bristol Ultimate Comprises of Nice Bristols, Bristol Mixed and Bristol Open Club Yes Yes 159 Go to website 14/11/10
Brookfield Brookfield Community School School Yes Yes 1 09/07/16
Cookridge Primary Cookridge Primary School School Yes Yes 1 28/11/16
Cults Academy Middle School in Aberdeen School Yes Yes 2 Go to website 21/01/16
CVJS Ultimate Churchdown village Junior School School Yes Yes 1 08/11/16
Devon A regional team based in Devon Club Yes Unknown 151 Go to website 12/03/07
Disc Boars Tonbridge School School Yes Unknown 1 Go to website 02/03/12
Downlands Downlands Community School School Yes Yes 1 07/04/16
Easington Academy Easington Academy School Yes Yes 1 23/11/16
Ellingham Ultimate Ellingham Primary School School Yes Yes 1 27/10/16
Eltham College Eltham College School Yes Yes 1 14/01/17
Evolution School based team from Aylesford School, Warwick School Yes Yes 11 14/03/07
Fire of London Fire is one of the top open teams in the UK. Club Yes No 52 Go to website 25/01/07
Flux school based team at Twycross house school School Yes Yes 4 18/02/10
Gateways School Gateways School School Yes Yes 1 27/09/16
Gildredge House Gildredge House Free School School Yes Yes 1 Go to website 20/09/12
Glasgow Ultimate Glasgow Ultimate Frisbee Club Club Yes Yes 133 Go to website 26/03/09
Granton School Granton Primary School School Yes Yes 1 08/11/16
Gravesend Grammar School Ultimate Frisbee Gravesend Grammar School School Yes Yes 1 19/05/16
Greenway Greenway primary school School Yes Yes 1 17/07/16
Horsham Ultimate Horsham Ultimate accepting players of any ability within Sussex and beyond Club Yes Yes 18 02/09/16
Hurts Lodge Hurst Lodge School Yes Yes 1 10/11/16
Ka-pow! Elite London based open team. Club Yes No 22 Go to website 07/12/11
Kings Kings Leadership Academy Warrington School Yes Yes 1 07/10/16
Lincoln College Lincoln College School Yes Yes 1 09/09/16
LPPS Leechpool Primary School School Yes Yes 1 05/09/16