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Name Description Team Type UKU Affiliate Accepts Beginners Members Website Addedsort icon
Team Mongosling Junior & Open team based at Ivybridge Community College. Not set No Unknown 8 Go to website 16/01/07
EMO Ultimate Leicester based Open team comprised of players from all across the Midlands Club No No 100 17/01/07
Whip'Scar Team of ex-Warwick Bears (2000-2004) and friends Not set No Unknown 5 Go to website 18/01/07
University of Leicester: Jesters The University of Leicester's Ultimate Frisbee Team University No Yes 105 Go to website 18/01/07
Mustard The club team from Norwich Club No Yes 113 Go to website 18/01/07
University of Sheffield Ultimate University of Sheffield Ultimate University No Yes 101 Go to website 19/01/07
Hallam Ultimate Team representing Sheffield Hallam University University No Yes 53 Go to website 19/01/07
University of Manchester: Halcyon University of Manchester Ultimate University No Yes 164 Go to website 19/01/07
Bath Ultimate Bath University's Team Club No Unknown 103 Go to website 20/01/07
The Brown The Brown exists to support the development of Ultimate in the North East of England. Club Yes Yes 71 Go to website 22/01/07
Newcastle University: Too Many Pies Uni frisbee team from newcastle up for a laugh University No Yes 213 Go to website 22/01/07
Loughborough University: Haze Loughborough University's Ultimate Frisbee Team University No Yes 195 Go to website 24/01/07
Fire of London Fire is one of the top open teams in the UK. Club Yes No 48 Go to website 25/01/07
NTU Ultimate Student team at Nottingham Trent University University No Yes 37 25/01/07
AirBadgers Based at St. Peter's School in Exeter, we are the 2013 U17, U20 Indoor and Outdoor National... School Yes Yes 12 Go to website 25/01/07
Sheffield Steal Sheffield's Ultimate club Club Yes Yes 49 Go to website 26/01/07
Red Leicester residential team Club Yes Yes 86 Go to website 26/01/07
Aberdeen University Ultimate - Positive Mojo Aberdeen University Ultimate University No Yes 55 Go to website 26/01/07
Iceni Ultimate Elite women's team based in London Club Yes No 25 Go to website 27/01/07
Bristol Plastic Factory The team for players from Bristol! Our women's team plays under the name "Nice Bristols... Not set No Unknown 87 Go to website 28/01/07
Brixton Angels Brixton Ultimate Club Not set No Unknown 55 Go to website 28/01/07
Flyght Club Nottingham Open Ultimate Team Club No Yes 107 Go to website 29/01/07
Team Rehab Stoke based open team Club No Unknown 22 29/01/07
Boogie Knights Liverpool's ultimate community Not set No Unknown 29 Go to website 29/01/07
University of East Anglia: Aye Aye The Ultimate Frisbee Team from UEA, Norwich University No Yes 47 Go to website 29/01/07
Ocelots Bishop Heber High School team School No Yes 3 29/01/07
Clapham Ultimate The UK's number one open team. Club No No 35 Go to website 30/01/07
Awaiting Welsh Translation (AWT) Aberystwyth University Graduate Team Not set No Unknown 9 Go to website 30/01/07
Loose Morals Team of mates mainly from Magnificent Severn & AWT Not set No Unknown 5 Go to website 30/01/07
Cranfield University: Apocalyptic Cows New team at Cranfield University University No Yes 20 30/01/07