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Name Description Team Type UKU Affiliate Accepts Beginners Members Website Added
Swansea University Ultimate Swansea University University No Yes 95 28/10/09
Sweden Sweden will be competing in the UK Open Tour Not set No Unknown 17 10/04/11
Swift Scottish Women's Ultimate Not set No Unknown 107 Go to website 05/02/07
Tactical Dump Fun Open team made of Mohawks/Brighton players that usually play indoor tournaments Not set No Unknown 11 04/02/12
Tang Hall Primary School Tang Hall Primary School School No Yes 1 16/05/16
TBC Team of random friends playing together. Club No No 46 01/04/16
Team Chester Ultimate University of Chester's Ultimate Team Not set No Unknown 30 Go to website 17/10/11
Team Dave A team of Daves Not set No Unknown 7 20/03/07
Team JR (old) Jesters/ Ridisculous School No Unknown 41 Go to website 16/03/10
Team Mongosling Junior & Open team based at Ivybridge Community College. Not set No Unknown 8 Go to website 16/01/07
Team Rehab Stoke based open team Club No Unknown 22 29/01/07
Team Shark Oxford's club ultimate team. Club No Unknown 48 Go to website 13/01/09
Team Surrey Ultimate University of Surrey Ultimate Frisbee University No Yes 69 02/02/07
Team Tash A team from the frozen north. Not set No Unknown 10 08/02/09
Team Tash Made of members from all over the UK Not set No Unknown 13 04/01/09
Telford Titans We are the Telford Titans, and we will, we will, rock you. Not set No Unknown 3 13/09/11
Temp Test Team n/a Not set No Unknown 5 08/02/07
Tendring Typhoons Ultimate Ultimate team for TTC in North Essex Not set No Unknown 1 Go to website 31/05/12
Test team only Test team Club No Unknown 3 03/05/09
Testing Ultimate For testing only Club No Unknown 2 05/03/15
Thanet Sky Sharks Mixed & Open team for the Isle of Thanet Not set No Unknown 2 Go to website 11/04/11
The Abbey School The Abbey School School No Yes 1 25/04/16
The Apocalyptic Cows The Cranfield University Ultimate frisbee team University No Unknown 22 29/01/15
The Bournemouth Ultimatum We're going on Tour... just like a bunch of circus freaks. Not set No Unknown 56 Go to website 30/08/07
The Campaign School School School No Unknown 1 05/11/08
The Cowboys A bunch of cowboys, what they lack in quality they make up for in cowboy related banter Not set No Unknown 16 Go to website 18/11/08
The Fighting Mongooses An open team based in Milton Keynes/Cranfield Not set No Unknown 9 11/10/12
The Green Machine St Mary's School School No Yes 1 11/05/16
The Have If you had it, you'd know. Not set No Unknown 10 29/01/10
The King's School School School No Unknown 1 05/11/08