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Name Description Team Type UKU Affiliate Accepts Beginners Members Website Added
ultimate portsmouth Not set No Unknown 1 27/10/11
Ultimately Unintentional Players of different levels train casually on a Sunday morning in North West London Club No Yes 9 26/01/11
UltraSpa A newly formed team playing for Bath Spa University. Not set No Unknown 6 Go to website 29/10/11
Ulverston Victoria High School Ulverston Victoria High School School No Unknown 1 18/06/13
University of Birmingham: UBU The ultimate team for the University of Birmingham University No Yes 216 Go to website 23/10/07
University of Cambridge: Strange Blue Cambridge University Ultimate University No Yes 297 Go to website 07/02/07
University of Chichester UCSU Ultimate Frisbee Club University No Yes 34 30/08/15
University of Derby Ultimate Frisbee Club University of Derby Student Club University No Yes 1 Go to website 21/09/16
University of East Anglia: Aye Aye The Ultimate Frisbee Team from UEA, Norwich University No Yes 47 Go to website 29/01/07
University of Exeter: Uriel Probably the best University Ultimate team in the World University No Yes 84 Go to website 27/01/09
University of Hull: Hulltimate Ultimate team based at the University of Hull University No Yes 36 Go to website 09/03/07
University of Kent: Kent Touch This University team for the University of Kent, based in Canterbury. University No Yes 67 Go to website 29/03/07
University of Leicester: Jesters The University of Leicester's Ultimate Frisbee Team University No Yes 105 Go to website 18/01/07
University of Manchester: Halcyon University of Manchester Ultimate University No Yes 164 Go to website 19/01/07
University of Nottingham Ultimate University of Nottingham Ultimate, previously Fling University No Yes 206 Go to website 02/03/07
University of Portsmouth: Sublime University of Portsmouth Ultimate, play hard on and off the field, compete in all forms and on all... University No Yes 40 Go to website 09/03/07
University of Sheffield Ultimate University of Sheffield Ultimate University No Yes 101 Go to website 19/01/07
University of Strathclyde: Dark Horses University of Strathclyde University No Yes 80 Go to website 27/10/09
University of Sussex: Mohawks Est 1986, one of the oldest clubs in the UK. University No Yes 33 Go to website 02/02/07
University of Warwick: Warwick Bears University of Warwick ultimate frisbee team. University No Yes 254 Go to website 31/01/07
University of Worcester University of Worcester University No Yes 8 Go to website 08/09/15
Unknown Unknown Ultimate Club No Unknown 16 Go to website 21/10/11
Unleashed Ultimate Finally Unleashed Not set No Unknown 9 02/09/13
Unsalted Wins A Brunel Uni open team Not set No Unknown 14 14/05/13
Up The Arts Ultimate team for the University of the Arts, London University No Unknown 1 Go to website 04/12/11
UTB West Midlands Open Team Not set No Unknown 30 Go to website 07/03/07
UWE Ultimate University of the West of England, play- indoors, outdoors, open, mixed, womens. University No Unknown 78 09/11/07
Vespula Ultimate Frisbee team in Ilford, pick-up every Sunday at 2pm Not set No Unknown 13 22/09/09
Vindictive Cuts Group of students from the University of Surrey and beyond, training with TSU and Guildford... Club No Unknown 5 Go to website 19/04/15
Vision Vision Ultimate, open club team based in Liverpool, with players from all over the North West Club No Yes 41 Go to website 09/02/08