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Name Description Team Type UKU Affiliate Accepts Beginners Members Website Added
The Brown The Brown exists to support the development of Ultimate in the North East of England. Club Yes Yes 56 Go to website 22/01/07
The Bushey Academy The Bushey Academy School Yes Yes 1 19/10/16
The City of Liverpool College The City of Liverpool College School Yes Yes 1 10/10/16
The Valley School The Valley Community Primary School School Yes Yes 1 28/03/17
Tidcombe Tigers Tidcombe Primary School Yes Yes 1 01/01/17
Twickenham Thunder All abilities welcome, we a very friendly team Club Yes Yes 10 24/10/16
Tytherington School Tytherington School School Yes Yes 1 Go to website 24/05/17
Ultimate Dougal Club for all abilities based in Swindon, paying Open and Mixed Club Yes Yes 22 Go to website 11/03/14
Ultimate Newman Newman Catholic School School Yes Yes 1 31/01/17
Whalley Range High School Whalley Range High School School Yes Yes 1 18/05/17
WHGS WHGS School Yes Yes 1 18/05/17
Wilmslow High Wilmslow High School Yes Yes 1 18/05/17
Windsor Girls School Windsor Girls School School Yes Yes 1 24/05/17
Woolhampton Primary School Woolhampton CE Primary School School Yes Yes 1 27/04/17
Wreay school Wreay CofE Primary School School Yes Yes 1 Go to website 06/05/17
YDB Ysgol Dinas Bran School Yes Yes 1 08/05/17
#geckos Northern Student Dream Team Not set No Unknown 18 03/12/13
#incle Inclusive friendship group who love J-Pop bands and Ohio-based churches Club No No 11 25/01/15
0º - Zero Degrees Ultimate Super-friendly pickup club in Greenwich, South-East London, open to all and playing several times a... Club No Yes 18 Go to website 04/04/16
6ffu Farnborough sixth form college ultimate team Not set No Unknown 12 07/03/07
a.b.o.u.t A Brunel Open Ultimate Team, for new and old brunelians to get playing Not set No Unknown 16 Go to website 06/02/07
Aberdeen University Ultimate - Positive Mojo Aberdeen University Ultimate University No Yes 54 Go to website 26/01/07
Aberystwyth University: Mwnci See Aberystwyth University Ultimate University No Yes 74 Go to website 01/02/07
ABF NTU Alumni Team University No No 4 20/09/15
ABH A fun, competitive and spirited team based in Hyde Park, London Club No Yes 86 Go to website 17/02/07
Aboyne Academy Aboyne Academy School No Yes 1 22/04/16
Abstract Ultimate Scottish team with players based in St Andrews, Dundee, Aberdeen and Edinburgh Not set No Unknown 63 Go to website 29/03/07
Addicted To Love Young, sexy, athletic Not set No Unknown 8 30/01/08
Affirmative Action Not set No Unknown 28 01/02/14
Age Against The Machine The best masters club team in the country! Not set No Unknown 21 03/12/09