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Name Description Team Type UKU Affiliate Accepts Beginners Members Website Added
Blood Sweat & Beers Levelling up committed players and drinkers since 2012 Not set No Unknown 6 21/05/12
Bloody Mary Queen Mary University of London Ultimate Frisbee Not set No Unknown 6 07/02/10
Blue Arse Flies Open, Mixed and Women's team based in the West Midlands Club No Yes 72 Go to website 02/02/07
Boogie Knights Liverpool's ultimate community Not set No Unknown 29 Go to website 29/01/07
Boom Squad Beach and Indoors Team Club No No 1 29/07/16
Borden Grammar School School School No Unknown 1 05/11/08
Bournemouth Heat Bournemouth University Ultimate University No Unknown 71 Go to website 08/12/08
Bowland 11-16 School Not set No Unknown 2 26/01/09
Bowring Community Sports College School School No Unknown 1 05/11/08
Boys On Trip We are boys, we go on trips. It's very jolly. Club No No 5 01/01/17
Bradford City UC Club Ultimate for the Schools, Community, College and University of Bradford and surrounding areas Club No Yes 8 Go to website 24/05/16
Bradford Falcons University of Bradford Ultimate Frisbee Team University No Yes 26 27/03/07
BRB The elite force that is the ultimate BRB experience Club No Unknown 37 Go to website 28/11/12
Brexeter Exeter Uni Alumni team Club No No 8 08/11/16
Brighton Panthers The Best team ever :) Not set No Unknown 2 25/10/13
Brighton Panthers University of Brighton Ultimate Club University No Yes 63 Go to website 30/11/09
Brigidine School Brigidine School School No Yes 1 12/04/16
Bristol Plastic Factory The team for players from Bristol! Our women's team plays under the name "Nice Bristols... Not set No Unknown 87 Go to website 28/01/07
Bristol University: Mythago Bristol Uni ultimate. University No Yes 207 Go to website 07/03/07
Brixton Angels Brixton Ultimate Club Not set No Unknown 43 Go to website 28/01/07
Brizzle Kicks Brian Club No Unknown 20 17/09/12
Bro Thing Brighton based team Not set No Unknown 7 16/01/14
Brooksbank Sports College School School No Unknown 1 05/11/08
Bru-Steel Brunel Ultimate's Open Tour team. Featuring both current students and alumni. Not set No Unknown 7 01/05/12
Brunel Ultimate Team of Brunel University. Aim for perfect blend of ultimate and social University No Unknown 47 Go to website 04/02/07
Bungay High School School School No Unknown 1 05/11/08
Burro Electrico A South-London based Open Team Not set No Unknown 28 21/04/09
Butterfield Allstars Ballstars! Club No Yes 7 03/12/16
Buttery Biscuit B.A.S.S Ben's All Star Squad mixed up! Not set No Unknown 8 05/03/12