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Name Description Team Type UKU Affiliate Accepts Beginners Members Website Added
Alleyn's School Alleyn's School School No Unknown 1 Go to website 30/10/12
Altwood Altwood Church of England School School No Yes 1 04/05/16
AMAZONS Elite women's ultimate team, we recruit players who play hard and play tall, it's all... Club No No 6 06/02/17
Ambleside Primary Ambleside Primary School School No Yes 1 26/09/16
Anglia Ruskin University Ultimate Frisbee Anglia Ruskin University Ultimate Frisbee University No Unknown 1 25/08/15
Anglia Ruskin University: ARU Darkside Small Uni Ultimate team based in Anglia Ruskin Uni in Cambridge. University No Yes 18 Go to website 29/02/08
Aquinas College An MPSCC club Not set No Unknown 1 30/05/13
Archbishops Of Banterbury (ABOB) ABOB, short for Archbishops of Banterbury, is a young and developing idea. The idea is to create a... Club No Unknown 17 09/12/14
Arctic Ultimate Arthur Terry Schools Junior Team School No Unknown 10 Go to website 28/08/07
Army of the Goat Boy open team based in farnborough and the surrounding areas Not set No Unknown 6 Go to website 08/03/09
Ashes Mainly Ex-Phoenix Knights 2004-2008 and friends Not set No Unknown 20 13/10/09
Ashton on Mersey An MSPCC Club Not set No Unknown 1 30/05/13
Aston Hornets Aston University's Official Ultimate Club Not set No Unknown 3 Go to website 26/07/11
AUB Magic Arts University Bournemouth - Magic Not set No Unknown 8 08/09/13
Aubergine Fire Band of rejects Club No Yes 7 08/11/16
Awaiting Welsh Translation (AWT) Aberystwyth University Graduate Team Not set No Unknown 9 Go to website 30/01/07
Aylesbury Grammar School School School No Unknown 1 05/11/08
B.A.S.S Ben's All Star Squad! Not set No Unknown 7 04/03/11
BAM! BAM! Club No No 22 16/02/12
Banbury Worms Banbury Worms - new comers welcome Club No Yes 24 Go to website 13/07/15
Bangor Ultimate Ultimate team at Bangor University University No Yes 105 26/05/11
Barbearians Team for Warwick University Students who joined Warwick Bears in 2014 Club No No 14 29/01/17
bares too A team formed of Birmingham University students who joined uBu in 2013. Club No No 11 14/04/17
Barnwell Barnwell Middle School School No Yes 1 Go to website 09/05/16
Barstable School School School No Unknown 1 10/11/08
BASIC A mixed team based loosely around West London. Regular entrants into UKUA Mixed tour for 6 years... Not set No Unknown 38 Go to website 28/03/07
BAT Biggleswade Academy School No Yes 1 09/05/16
Bath Open team made up of current and ex BLT players along with other Bath based players. Not set No Unknown 9 04/03/08
Bath Ultimate Bath University's Team Club No Unknown 103 Go to website 20/01/07
Baysgarth School School School No Unknown 1 10/11/08