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Name Description Team Type UKU Affiliate Accepts Beginners Members Website Added
Cambridge Ultimate Open and Mixed Tour Team in Cambridge Club No Yes 165 Go to website 24/04/12
Camden Ultimate Camden Ultimate Frisbee Club Club No Yes 30 Go to website 01/03/13
Cardiff Storm Cardiff's open team Not set No Unknown 41 13/03/10
Cardiff Storm (South Wales Ultimate) The resurrection of the Cardiff Storm Ultimate team. Club No Yes 63 Go to website 08/11/15
Cardiff University: NoFrills Cardiff University's Ultimate Team University No Yes 168 Go to website 12/03/07
Care Bears Warwick Beginners 2012 Not set No Unknown 13 22/01/13
Carlisle Ultimate Open team based in carlisle. Not set No Unknown 5 Go to website 30/05/08
Castaway (University of Huddersfield ) Huddersfield University Ultimate University No Yes 42 Go to website 15/11/13
Catch Those Wirral Ultimate Clubs team, Catch Those Not set No Unknown 24 Go to website 28/03/07
Cats Amazingly Awesome Test School Test School School No Yes 4 Go to website 07/01/16
CC XV We are a group of young budding frisbee players. Not set No Unknown 3 Go to website 23/05/11
CCW The Community College Whitstable School No Unknown 1 Go to website 17/09/12
chaos ultimate Club No Yes 4 Go to website 02/06/15
Chaos Ultimate An experienced women's team in London looking to train consistently and compete at all three... Club No No 2 06/03/17
Charged Young, athletic and ambitious team playing Indoors, Mixed and Beach - now recruiting for Open. Get... Not set No Unknown 33 Go to website 30/11/07
Charged Open Young, athletic and ambitious team - based in Portsmouth but attracting players from all over the... Not set No Unknown 29 Go to website 19/04/10
Charters School Charters School School No Yes 1 06/06/16
CHASE we are the CHASE! Not set No Unknown 4 Go to website 31/12/09
Cheadle Hulme School Cheadle Hulme School School No Unknown 1 18/06/13
Chesham Kites Friendly mixed/open team based in South Buckinhamshire, new members welcome Club No Yes 42 Go to website 31/07/13
Chesterfield High Sports College School School No Unknown 1 05/11/08
Chevron Action Flash Formed in 1996 and been ever present at the top of UK and European Ultimate ever since. Uk Tour... Not set No Unknown 35 Go to website 05/02/07
Chevron Mixed Chevron Action Flashed mixed team Club No No 8 27/03/17
Chick Hazard Women's team based in South West London Not set No Unknown 18 Go to website 09/05/11
Choke Hazard Legendary South London frisbee team - needlessly jumping since 2007 Not set No Unknown 49 Go to website 03/11/09
Chronic A fun team made up of current and former York students Not set No Unknown 10 11/02/14
Chulmleigh Primary School Chulmleigh Primary School School No Yes 1 16/06/16
Churchill Chillies For members and alumni of Churchill College, University of Cambridge Not set No Unknown 25 Go to website 22/07/10
City Academy Hackney The City Academy Hackney School No Yes 1 08/07/16
Clapham Ultimate The UK's number one open team. Club No No 40 Go to website 30/01/07