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Name Description Team Type UKU Affiliate Accepts Beginners Members Website Added
Bath Open team made up of current and ex BLT players along with other Bath based players. Not set No Unknown 9 04/03/08
Bath Ultimate Bath University's Team Club No Unknown 103 Go to website 20/01/07
Baysgarth School School School No Unknown 1 10/11/08
Bear Cavalry Warwick Bears past and present forming a mixed team Not set No Unknown 63 16/02/10
Bear Cavalry Women Bear Cavalry women's team Not set No Unknown 18 12/01/11
Bear Knuckle Warwick Bears Beginners 2010/11 Club No No 8 25/04/12
Bear Minimum Warwick Bears Freshers 2008 Not set No Unknown 20 20/11/08
Bear to Bream Team of recently graduated Warwick bears and friends Club No No 13 23/03/17
Bearcode Warwick Beginners 2011 Club No Unknown 15 08/11/11
Bears Pairs A fun competitive mixed team made up of recent Bears alumni and friends Club No No 2 11/02/17
Bears Reloaded Team of former/current Bears created for UKU Club Mixed Indoor Nationals Not set No Unknown 7 15/02/10
Beast Mode Scary Not set No Unknown 26 12/02/14
Bedford Ultimate A group for Ultimate Frisbee enthusiasts in Bedford and the surrounding area Not set No Unknown 3 Go to website 31/07/12
Bedminster Down School School team in Bristol School No Yes 1 Go to website 07/01/16
Belfast Ultimate All welcome. Can you widen our age range of players? Currently 15-50! Not set No Unknown 34 Go to website 29/08/07
Benenden Benenden School No Yes 1 01/03/16
BFG Invite only tall team Not set No Unknown 18 Go to website 04/11/10
Big Girls We're beautiful and we don't cry.... Not set No Unknown 19 17/11/10
Big Lez Throw A team that ironmans and parties harder than they play Club No No 1 05/03/17
Birmingham FC Small indoor team originating from University of Birmingham Club No No 16 03/12/15
Bishop Fox's Bishop Fox's School School No Yes 2 12/03/16
Bishops College School School No Unknown 1 10/11/08
Black Eagles Go big or go home Not set No Unknown 84 31/01/12
Black Magic Primarily mixed team of pickups who play with a psyched-up attitute Not set No Unknown 42 17/11/10
Blink New Northern Women's tour team 2013 Not set No Unknown 27 16/05/13
Blood Sweat & Beers Levelling up committed players and drinkers since 2012 Not set No Unknown 6 21/05/12
Bloody Mary Queen Mary University of London Ultimate Frisbee Not set No Unknown 6 07/02/10
Blue Arse Flies Open, Mixed and Women's team based in the West Midlands Club No Yes 82 Go to website 02/02/07
Boogie Knights Liverpool's ultimate community Not set No Unknown 29 Go to website 29/01/07
Boom Squad Beach and Indoors Team Club No No 1 29/07/16