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Name Description Team Type UKU Affiliate Accepts Beginners Members Website Added
Deben High School New team within school Not set No Unknown 1 27/03/09
Deep Drillin' Mixed team for North-East Scotland Not set No Unknown 34 12/08/11
Deep Space London Mixed Club Club No No 23 08/11/16
DeMontfort University: Demons Ultimate Ultimate Team from DeMontfort University, Leicester University No Yes 4 Go to website 22/03/07
DH1 Durham alumni team class of 2012, 2013, 2014. Mixed, open and women's Club No No 18 Go to website 25/05/13
DHSB Ultimate School team based in Plymouth Not set No Unknown 2 10/12/12
DHSB Ultimate Devonport High School for Boys Ultimate Not set No Unknown 1 04/02/12
Didsbury Ultimate Frisbee For Amateurs (DUFFA) We are a casual club open to all levels, focused on enjoying the game. Not set No Unknown 28 Go to website 26/02/08
Dinomite Made up of current Plymouth players Club No No 10 21/10/16
Dirty Olive Womens Frisbee team based in the south east of England Not set No Unknown 48 28/01/08
Disc-array Pickup game in Queens Park, London 11am on Sundays Not set No Unknown 12 17/11/12
Disc-charge The newly formed team from Harpenden in Hertfordshire Not set No Unknown 11 06/08/07
Discie Chicks London-based women's development team Club No Yes 77 17/03/13
DiscObiscuits Relaxed Bristol-based ultimate. Club No Yes 56 Go to website 01/08/07
Disconduct When we're not dominating beach or indoors (where it's really at) you can find us by the... Not set No Unknown 32 27/02/07
Discovaries Dundee Uni Women - Past & Present Not set No Unknown 16 Go to website 16/02/13
Discs at Dawn fun ultimate team, mainly ex ruf's who still craze the frisbeeness Not set No Unknown 10 15/08/08
Discuits Mixed Mixed team based in the Thames Valley Not set No Unknown 18 Go to website 25/03/09
Discusting Ex and current imperial beach team/ fun but competitive pick-up Not set No Unknown 15 16/11/10
Discy Business Junior Team based in North London Not set No Unknown 4 17/03/08
Dixie Wrecked Hull Graduate team Not set No Unknown 10 14/11/11
DLC Denewood Learning Centre School No Yes 1 11/05/16
Dog Eat Disc Fun, Competitive team competing at the Top of UK Ultimate Club No Unknown 63 Go to website 10/11/08
Dollar Ultimate Club Dollar Academy School No Unknown 2 18/06/13
Douglas Bader School School team based in Badersfield in north Norfolk School No Yes 2 Go to website 12/01/16
Downend Ultimate New team full of mostly beginners Club No Unknown 1 Go to website 03/08/15
Downs Diamonds The Downs School School No Yes 1 23/03/16
Dragonstorm Flair, dragons and no gideon Club No No 11 05/12/15
Dragonstorm None Club No No 4 01/04/16
Drugstore Cowboys We hail from Macclesfield and have been playing the game every week since 2001 Not set No Unknown 10 Go to website 24/01/08