UKU U17 & U14 Open Indoor Nationals 2014-15

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24 Jan 2015 - 10:00 - 25 Jan 2015 - 17:00
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The UKU Under-17 and Under-14 Open Indoor Championships 2014-15 will be held at Aldersley Leisure Village, Wolverhampton (WV6 9NW) on the weekend of Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th January 2014. There are 4 good size halls and there is balcony space and a cafe/bar onsite, as well as supermarkets nearby.


To be eligible for this UKU under-17 division you must be in Year 11 or below, born on or after 1st September 1998 (the rules for UK Domestic competition differ slightly to International competition).

To be eligible for the under-14 division you must be in Year 8 or below, born on or after 1st Sept 2001.

Please contact Joe Wyatt (joewyatt7[at] if there are any queries.

If you are a player or a small group of players without enough for a full team, then it may be possible to arrange for you to join up with another team; everyone involved in Junior Ultimate wants you there. HOWEVER you must explain your situation to the Junior Forum (email to: joewyatt7[at] is sufficient) and have them ratify which is the most appropriate team for you to join with. There have been a few issues in recent years with combinations of players/teams that have not been checked or verified appropriately; please be organised, up front, and go through the correct systems.


Hopefully the central location will mean that the majority of teams might be able to travel home rather than needing accommodation on the Saturday night, but for some of you that clearly won't be possible. Obviously you are free to organise your own plans, and places like (and there are a number around the motorways or Wolverhampton!) often have good deals (e.g. family rooms which could sleep 4 from £19 per night), and there are a smattering of Youth Hostels in Staffordshire (

There MAY BE the potential for a bit of floorspace on the Saturday night at a local church hall if needed - please get in touch if desperate - but no guarantees.

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The cost of the tournament is £80 per team. If you want to come YOU MUST FILL IN THE FORM FOUND AT THIS LINK

Payment details will be sent to you by email once you have filled in the form. If your school require an invoice in order to make the payment, please make this clear on the web entry form and provide any additional details that will be needed.

Please bear in mind that we may need to limit the number of teams per school as this event continues to grow.  We are not setting a limit up-front, but will need to monitor the situation as entries come in.  You can help us with this by getting your entries done sooner rather than later.

Accordingly, the initial closing date for entries will be Monday 15th December. At this point, we'll award spots to some of those teams who have entered and hopefully enable them to make plans before the Christmas break. Of course, we understand that this is very soon, and we WILL still accept entries after this on a first come, first served basis (and we'll make sure to leave a little space for more schools rather than let in someone's 11th team). If it is hard to commit to your teams by that date, then there will still be some spaces afterwards. But we probably do need to confirm spaces at that point for those who have entered so that they can organise transport - and this means it may be harder to find room for your 2nd/3rd/4th team after this date.

We expect payment by Friday 9th January (after which the schedule will be written) to completely confirm your place at the event. Please get in touch if the payment process means you expect to miss the date. This will be fine but please get in touch to make sure we know about it.



Aldersley Leisure Village
Aldersley Road
Wolverhampton WV6 9NW
United Kingdom