UKU Mixed Tour 2 2015

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18 Apr 2015 - 09:00 - 19 Apr 2015 - 17:00
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UKU Mixed Tour 2 will be held on this date at Salford Sports Village, Salford M7 3NQ


We are pleased to announce that entries are now open through the UKU Entry Form and will cost £185.

The initial closing date will be Friday 3rd April - after this date any remaining spaces will be first come first served. You must enter AND pay before that date to secure your spot.

Please note also that we cannot guarantee to accept all teams due to space and scheduling considerations - if the tournament is full at the closing date, the criteria for deciding which teams get a spot are below, in order of application:

- Teams ranked in the top 32 of the previous tournament
- Foreign teams believed likely by the UKU Competitions Committee to finish in the top 16
- Teams whose participation the UKU Competitions Committee believe will benefit the growth of
Ultimate – for example, but not limited to, local teams who may not yet be ready to travel to other
tournaments, or teams based in underrepresented geographical areas
- Teams unable to enter the previous event due to over-subscription or non-entry
- Remaining teams, in order of their finish at the previous tournament


Note that this does put pressure on those near the bottom to finish as high as they can at MT1!

Note also that we have had many issues over the years with teams securing a spot and then pulling out. Not only is this a hassle, but also it often means that teams who could have entered miss out initially and then struggle to get a team together again at very short notice. If you are entered as of the 3rd April, you will NOT BE REFUNDED unless you can show genuinely exceptional circumstances - it is simply not fair for teams who are less than certain of their participation to clog up the available spaces, so be very sure you have a team even if a couple of players were to get injured.


The Info Pack and Schedule are now available for this weekend:

Info Pack:


Please note that the schedule may yet change, particularly on Sunday - more info in Info Pack.

Pdf schedules for printing are attached below.


Please be aware that this is a new venue for a Tour event, and there will inevitably be some teething issues. Some of our regular venues are unavailable and it remains very hard to source large grass venues during football season; below are some of the possible issues that were flagged up when running Uni Mixed Nationals in Salford and our tentative proposed solutions.

Parking: There is only a small car park at the venue, which will will use mainly for drop-off. We will be providing a shuttle bus from a nearby secure parking area - Castle Irwell Student Village,  Cromwell Road, Salford M6 6DB. Drivers should offload their passengers and then make their way to the car park (only 1 mile; buses approx every 5 mins which will take 3 mins to get you back). You will need a Player Pass to access the car park - attached below. (You can either print this or just have a pic on your phone).

Water: We are not able to get vehicles onto the grass to refill water-points. Instead, we intend to provide each team with their own two 5L bottles of water that they can refill whenever they are back at the building - this should provide sufficient water to refill their personal bottles during games. Nominate your JTM/water-carrier now!

Toilets: There is an appreciable walk from the farthest pitches to the toilets, but again due to the lack of vehicle access we cannot put portaloos at the far end to alleviate this problem. And as it's mixed, we also can't put the Women's games on the pitches near the builiding of course! We intend to write the schedule with fewer back-to-back games than we would normally use, so that people are game-on-game-off almost all of the time and are able to head back to the building more often.

Shelter: Again, it's a good walk to the main building from the far pitches, and we cannot set up large marquees at this venue. We intend to purchase additional gazebos/event shelters to provide some additional protection from the elements - but be aware this will clearly not be enough to shelter every player and will only mitigate the problem somewhat rather than solving it. Bring warm clothes and waterproofs!




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Benji Heywood
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Through the Event Entry Form


Salford Sports Village
325 Littleton Road
Salford M7 3NQ
United Kingdom
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