UKU/BUCS University Open & Women's Outdoor Nationals & Alumni Cup

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25 Apr 2015 - 09:00 - 26 Apr 2015 - 18:00
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UKU/BUCS University Open & Women's Outdoor Nationals will be held on this date at Nottingham's Grove Farm venue.

The venue doesn’t have its own postcode, but NG7 2SA will get you onto the right entry road.


UPDATE: The Info Pack and the schedule are now available.

Info Pack can be downloaded in pdf form below.

Schedule is here: and in pdf form below (for easier printing).

The schedule is now confirmed (barring anything truly surprising happening!)


We will host all four divisions; the University Open Divisions 1 & 2, the University Women's Division and the Alumni Cup!

Have you ever argued that your university team of 2010 was better than the 2005 team? Have you always wanted a re-match of a previous Student Nationals final? Well now is your chance! Gather together your mates and enter a team into the Alumni Cup.

Alumni cup will be an open division - obviously that means genuinely Open and not Men's; mixed teams are possible. To be eligible for an alumni team the player must have attended the institution for at least one year, on a more-than-half-time basis. The player does not need to have graduated from that institution. Universities may enter more than one team. All players must have basic UKU membership as a minimum - we will check some rosters at random on the day.

Entry will be through the BUCS website for the Open division, and is now open. You need to get your Athletic Union to do this for you - there is no public access to BUCSscore. The BUCS info page is here.

Entry for the Women's division and the Alumni Cup is now open through the UKU entry form - see below.

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Benji Heywood
Event website:

How to register: 

Open divisions 1 & 2: Qualification for both open divisions was via the regional qualifiers. BUCS will set the closing date for payment in these divisions, and all entries will be through them. You will need to speak to your Athletic Union in order to enter and pay through the BUCS system - you can't do it yourself. It will cost £140 per team.


Womens: There is no qualification for this division, though your seeding will be based on Women's regionals where appropriate (i.e. we'll need to put some thought into how to handle the cancelled WUWOR). Please click here now to register. The initial deadline for entries is Friday 10th April.

You do not need to pay in advance of that date - we do understand that some Athletic Unions will pay, and you can't control how fast that is. However, if you are on the list as of the closing date, you WILL BE EXPECTED TO PAY even if you then drop out. Please be very aware that you should not mess other teams around by claiming a spot and then dropping out - you WILL be invoiced.

Maximum teams: We intend to find room for at least 40 teams - which would be a large increase on both last year and on the Regionals attendance. If we go above 40, we may need to turn some teams away, but we do not anticipate this being a problem. Note, however, that we may turn away a small number of teams to improve the schedule for others - e.g. 32 would be much much better than 33, or 36 is better than 37. Priority will be given as follows:

1st teams who entered regionals

1st teams who entered last year (as single-institution teams) in order 
of finishing position

Remaining 1st teams, ranked by indoor results (teams with no indoor 
result will be below those who have a result, and if more than one they 
will be separated by lottery).

Remaining teams who entered regionals, ranked by adjusted* finishing position (or if equal a random lottery)

Remaining teams who entered last year, ranked by finishing position.

All other teams, ranked by indoor results (teams with no indoor result 
will be below those who have a result, and if more than one they will be 
separated by lottery).

All of the above applies to single-institution teams. Combined teams, or teams with pick ups, will only get in AFTER all of the above.
(*Women's Regionals results will be ranked as 'finishing position divided by number of teams', with lower being better - i.e. 6th in an 8 team event would be better than last in a 5 team event.)


Cost = £140 per team


Alumni Cup: There is no qualification for this division. Please click here now to register. Entries will be accepted on a first-pay, first served basis and are not confirmed until payment has been received. The initial deadline for entries is Friday 10th April.

If you drop out before 10th April you will of course be refunded, but after that date you should not expect to get your money back. Late dropouts are a pain for everyone - please ensure you do have a full team before entering.

Maximum teams = 16 teams (possibly even fewer if the women's division is particularly large). There is probably no scope to expand this - if you want a spot, enter quick!

Cost = £185 per team

Accomodation and transport: 

As in previous years, we do NOT intend to provide any accommodation for the Open Division. Your University should be supporting this as a BUCS event; and we cannot expect to find accommodation for that number of teams.

We also, as usual, do not intend to help the Alumni division.

We WILL support those Women's teams who REALLY need help - but of course we are unlikely to be able to house 30-odd women's teams. Please do only put down that you need accommodation if you really, really need it. Nottingham Uni will be organising this for us, and of course there is a limit to how much they can deal with.


University Playing Fields
Grove Farm
Nottingham NG7 2SA
United Kingdom
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