UKU Junior (U20) Open Outdoor Nationals & Schools (Under-14 & Under-17) National Championships [JOON&SNC] 2022

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Event date: 
25 Jun 2022 (All day)
Event details: 

We are pleased to announce that UKU Junior (U20) Open Outdoor Nationals & Schools (Under-14 & Under-17) National Championships 2022 will be a one day event held at the Stoughton Road Playing Fields, Leicester on Saturday 25th June 2022. 


Junior Nationals is played 7-a-side (full-size pitches)

UKU Schools National Championship Finals is played 5-a-side (reduced size pitches)


All events are Open divisions (i.e. no restrictions on gender) - there's nothing to prevent either an all-male or all-female team, or anywhere in between. A large percentage of teams will be mixed gender, so bring whatever mix of players you like!


We are of course aware that it can be tricky to organise logistics for something like this, but we'd love to have as many of you there as possible, so do please get in touch on the email below with any questions at all and we'll do what we can to help you make it happen.


ENTRIES OPEN: 7th March - 6th May


The team fee for this event is £110. 


After the entry deadline we will post the list of confirmed teams on both our website and the Schools Newsletter.


We do expect that we will still have a few places remaining after that date so it is certainly worth getting in touch if you have left it late - but those spaces will be awarded on a first come first served basis and it can't be guaranteed that you'll be awarded a spot, so ideally make sure that you enter before the deadline!


If the tournament is oversubscribed at the closing date (unlikely, but you never know) we will prioritise first teams from each institution, and then second teams above third teams etc all the way down. If the cut-off happens to fall between teams at the same level (e.g. 4th teams from two institutions) then priority will go to whoever entered on the earliest date (or be decided by the drawing of lots if we can't separate them by date). Once the initial deadline has passed, places are confirmed, and the entry of a new first team will not 'bump' someone's 7th team anymore - it's literally first come first served at that stage for any remaining places.



There is no qualifying round, and no 'minimum standard' that your team must meet - there will certainly be teams of beginners participating. If you are a newly formed school team, you are very, very much invited!

  • To be eligible for the UKU Under-20 division, you must not turn 20 before the end of the year.
  • To be eligible for the UKU Under-17 division you must be in Year 11 or below (the rules for UK Domestic competition differ slightly to International competition).
  • To be eligible for the UKU Under-14 division you must be in Year 8 or below.

Players playing for UKU-affiliated schools playing as school teams are not required to have membership.

All other players must have minimum Basic Membership of UK Ultimate.




As the tournament is Open, there are no gender restrictions - all-male teams, or all-female teams, or anything in between, are absolutely fine.

Please contact Joe Wyatt ( if there are any queries.


If you are a player or a small group of players without enough for a full team, then it may be possible to arrange for you to join up with another team; everyone involved in Junior Ultimate wants you there. HOWEVER you must explain your situation to the Junior Forum (email to: is sufficient) and have them ratify which is the most appropriate team for you to join with.


Please also note that eligibilty decisions are made by volunteers - we're keen to help out, but do make sure to get your requests in early to make that easier.



We do not offer accommodation as part of the tournament, however, if you are really struggling for accommodation, please get in touch on and we will do what we can to assist with suggestions.


Team sizes and planning:

Clubs must ensure that they have appropriate levels of adult supervision in place for the event. We also strongly recommend that teams plan to have a non-playing adult travelling with the team. 

Based on past experience please note that you should not enter a team unless you have:


  • For Junior events, at least 10 fit players able to travel
  • For Under-14 & Under-17 events, at least 8 fit players able to travel
However, more than this is recommended.



Clubs/schools are welcome to enter more than one team, but in the event that the tournament becomes oversubscribed, clubs entering multiple additional teams may find lower ranked teams placed on a waiting list.


Contact name: 
Megan Price
Contact number (primary): 
Contact email: 
How to register: 

Using the UKU GoMembership website. If you have any problems, please email


Stoughton Road Playing Fields
Stoughton Road Oadby
Leicester LE2 4DS
United Kingdom