Membership and Insurance

UKU Membership includes Civil Liability cover.


Civil Liability cover provides members with insurance against being sued for negligence by a third party, e.g. a passer-by.  A simple example is e.g. if you were to injur a passer-by whilst playing ultimate by throwing a disc that hits them in face and causes a serious injury.

Playing ultimate (or pretty much any sport) clearly carries quite a bit of risk, so its worth noting that this example would be extremely unlikely to extend to a player that was struck in the face by a disc, as the player accepts such things might happen.

The cover is for a UKU member playing any ultimate provided UKU would "recognise" it as ultimate (appropriate sort of disc, playing area, etc) - but there are some restrictions on North America that limit the cover to players in "representative" teams (e.g. GB).

The cover also extends to members that take on activities on behalf of UK Ultimate.  The most obvious example is running a UKU tournament.  And this in turn is a good chance to remind everyone that it is a requirement of the policy that all UK-resident competitors at UKU events must be members, and that non UK-resident competitors must be members of their home Ultimate/Flying disc federation, and are required to have their own liability insurance.  For example players in Ireland receive this cover through their membership of the IFDA (Irish Flying Disc Association).

Clubs can now be covered by becoming affiliated with UK Ultimate. More information can be found here