Tournament Standards and Guidelines

TDing UKU Events

If you are running an ultimate event with or for UK Ultimate please contact the UKU Events Coordinator ( to receive all the documents you will need, including insurance certificate, risk assessment templates, incident forms etc as well as an overview of what you will need to do to follow our procedures.


UKU Sanctioned Events

We can also sanction your events that are not part of our own event programme - for example beginner events, hat tournaments or summer leagues. The benefits of sanctioning, and the requirements it places on you, are described in the Sanctioning Guidelines. The main benefit of having your event sanctioned is that both the players and the organisers are covered by UKU's insurance; in return we require that everyone is a member and that some basic safety guidelines are followed. More information in the Sanctioning Guidelines, or contact us on events[at]


Bidding to run UKU events

If you are interested in bidding to organise/run any of our Club Outdoor Events, check out the events that are open for bids HERE. The details on what needs to be included in your event bid and how to submit it can also be found on the same page.


Many events are now centrally organised by the UKU, but please do get in touch if you have details of a venue that we don't/might not know about, or if you are keen to help out as part of our TD team. You can contact us by emailing



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