GB Committee

The Board of Directors of UK Ultimate is responsible for setting objectives that will, among other things (such as keeping the organisation’s finances watertight) develop Ultimate in the UK. UK Ultimate has several sub-committees that have delegated authority for handling the majority of the work within their area of responsibility.  At the end of 2012, the Board agreed to set up a new committee to oversee the running of the GB teams. Initially this was comprised of Si Hill, Ali Smith and Barry O’Kane. In 2014, Georgie Davin (nee Winborn) has also moved onto the committee as one of the Board's representatives as Barry O'Kane recently resigned from the board.  The committee reports to the Board on a regular basis and seeks the Board’s advice and clarification where necessary.

The purpose of the GB Committee is several fold and includes the following, although this is not an exhaustive list:

  • to select team managers for each GB team and then work with them throughout their tenure to ensure the managers stay aligned with the objectives of UK Ultimate and the GB Ultimate Programme;
  • to make decisions that affect all GB squads so that they are handled in a fair and consistent (where appropriate) way across all the teams, and to take this load off the various team managers e.g. selecting national team uniform supplier;
  • to oversee the finances of the GB programme to ensure that costs are not excessive and again consistent and fair across all teams; although there may be differences between age group costs depending on location etc of the tournament;
  • to bring in other people on a temporary basis to consult with if their skills, knowledge or experience were required to help make a decision (eg around manager selection, financial advice, medical advice etc)
  • to set the foundations for the development a performance pathway that runs from juniors through to masters divisions that will assist with increasing the level of GB players and their performance at major Championships whilst ensuring that the UK Ultimate community continues to grow and develop at lower levels.

For more details see the Terms of Reference.


Committee Roles

GB Committee Chairperson

  • Ensuring timelines are adhered to
  • Ensuring good communication and reporting across all GB groups
  • Chairing meetings - includes meeting scheduling, agenda planning (forward planner - big events for next 10 years and more detailed for next 1-3, 1-5)
  • Reviewing Terms of Reference
  • Ensuing accurate notes from meetings
  • Ensuring regular report to Board
  • Creating systems and processes to support consistency
  • Clarification of what decisions are made by who eg what decisions coaches make and what needs to come to GBC or other is the responsibility of one of the other cross-squad operational roles.
Performance Director
  • Responsibility for ensuring success and progression of the GB programme
  • Leading on outlining criteria and process for selecting managers/coaches
  • Leading on outlining training requirements for managers/training 
  • Leading on recruitment of operational lead group
  • Maintain contact with the managers/coaches/operational leads 
  • Regular reporting to Board
  • Creating vision for GB programme - measuring prorgress and success against vision
  • Ensure clear performance pathway 
  • Responsible for code of conduct for players/coaches/managers
  • Role in GB related disciplinary actions (linked to code of conduct or other incidents) - need to determine if GBC can handle an incident or when it needs escalating to Board
  • Supporting GB operational roles
  • Ensuring timelines are fit for purpose
  • Chef de Mission at some events - esp senior squads (EUC, WUGC)
  • Liaison with WFDF where required alongside other GB committee members
  • Respond to requests for information from external sporting organisations eg funding applications to Sport England (supported by admin)
  • Ensuring co-ordination across squads at each stage of player development programme
GB Welfare Officer
  • Responsible for creating a safe and inclusive GB programme
  • Providing support and advice in the development and implementation of procedures that safeguard and promote the welfare of GB players
  • Working with others in the GB programme to promote safeguarding, diversity and inclusion
  • Assisting the Performance Director and squad managers to be more player-focussed in their activities e.g. involving players in the decision making processes
  • Coordinating the GB player representative group
  • Working with the player representatives to encourage player involvement in the GB programme
  • Providing a point for contact for GB players and squad managers to report concerns and disclosures
  • Responding to child protection and poor practice concerns in accordance with the UKU Safeguarding policies
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