The role of the Competitions Committee is to manage the structure and rules for all UKU competitions.  The detailed implementation within some divisions (notably University) are delegated to the relevant sub-committee.

In early 2013, as part of an ongoing review of the governance structure of UK Ultimate, the Board updated the Terms of Reference for this committee.  Please review that document for full details. 

The Director of Competitions (Chris Aussie White), University Coordinator (Thomas Daly) and CEO (Si Hill) are standing members of the committee.  The following representative positions are to be elected by the members of UK Ultimate:

  • Beach (vacant)
  • Indoor (Matt Burton*)
  • Juniors (vacant)
  • Mixed (Dan Godbold)
  • Open (Dave Halls)
  • Women's (Kirsten Wells)

*Matt has also been covering the Juniors role for a while.  Oli Browne has taken on a role coordinating the masters division recently, and we will need to add a formal masters division representative soon.

The Director of Competitions appoints an additional 3-6 members of the committee to provide skills, experience or points of view that might otherwise be under-represented in the group.  Currently the appointed members are:

  • Benji Heywood (UKU Event Coordinator)
  • Chris Bamford (UKU Administrator, outgoing Uni Coordinator)
  • Felix Shardlow
  • Richard Roberts
  • Adam Batchelor


Key tasks:

  • Agree and publish the UKU events calendar
  • Maintain and publish UKU Competition Rules
  • Agree and define competition formats for main UKU events
  • Deal with any questions relating to the rules, and provide rulings in unforeseen circumstances not covered by the written rules
  • Act as the first point of contact for complaints related to the competition aspects of ultimate in the UK
  • Review and update the competition structure as necessary
  • Ensure that UKU competitions and rules are structured in appropriate relationship to EUCS and WUCC competitions and rules
  • Work with international competition committees to ensure UKU input to these committees and to ensure visibility of the international programme to UKU

Members of the committee generally can expect a few hours per month of email-based correspondence relating to UKU competitions.  There are of course peaks of activity around the major competitions.  The bulk of the work tends to be reviewing competition formats, and dealing with situations or issues that arise around competitions; but there is an ongoing background activity of ensuring that the competition structures are appropriate for the state of the sport in the UK now and in the future.

We are specifically looking for one member of the committee to take the lead for communicating about the committee's work.

Competition Sub Committee Terms of Reference v3-2.pdf108.26 KB