Frequently asked questions... 

On a recent review of how we work, we realised that we are not doing enough to avoid answering the same or similar questions more than once - so one way of attempting to resolve that is to build up a list of answers here.  If you don't find the answer you're looking for you can contact us over here.

Checking membership status of players in your club or team

It is possible to see the membership status of all the players that are rostered with your club.  To do this you need be one of the team admins.

1. Navigate to your team page

2. Click on the "Member List" or "Manage Members" link (its on the right hand side).  You can only access this list for teams of which you are a member.

3. You should now get a list of club members (including their real names and membership status).  Some people have not entered their real name in their membership details and so you may find them more difficult to identify.  Please encourage your players to make sure their personal details (real name, dob, gender and postal address are all filled in and up to date).


Coaching Courses: Do I need to have a Level 1 to do Level 2


The coaching scheme is a pathway that runs from Foundation to Level 2. People who have played Ultimate for six months or more can start at Level 1 and don't need to do a Foundation course.

For more information on the coaching pathway please view the Coaching Structure here.


Creating a safe envrioment is central to any good coaching practice. As a govening body we have a duty of care to ensure that all Ulltimate coaches have the knowledge and skills to ensure that safety comes first when coaching. 

Additioanlly, coaching is a vast and deep subject. Some players may consider their playing and leadership experience as a reason to skip a step in the coaching pathway. We feel that even the most experienced players will find value in learning about coaching with our coach educators on our coaching pathway.

Code of Conduct

The UKU Code of Conduct for coaches is a document designed to support coaches towards good practice. It outlines the rights, relationships and responsibilities of an Ultimate coach.

In order to add any coaching qualification to your membership profile you will first need add the Code of Conduct as a credential. When asked for an attachment, please re-upload your Level 1 or Level 2 certificate.

UKU Code of Conduct for Coaches.pdf144.92 KB

Do I need to be a Level 2 Coach in order to lead Ultimate training sessions?

The short answer is no. 

UK Ultimate does not specify any limitation on who should be able to lead or run an ultimate game or training session.  There are many groups and clubs playing Ultimate across the World very happily without a formal coach.  No doubt this is in part because Ultimate is a simple non-contact game.

Of course, if you are taking some responsibility for a group of people playing a sport like Ultimate, then you certainly do need to think about the safety of everyone involved, but you do not necessarily need to have a UK Ultimate coaching qualification to do that.

With reference to the coaching structures that exist in this country, whilst UK Ultimate has had a Level 1 coaching qualification for some years, and (since Feb 2014) also now has a Level 2 qualification, these are not part of UKCC.  For schools and other organisations that want to make a judgement about whether they should allow an adult to take responsibility for coaching Ultimate or leading an Ultimate club session (especially for young people) we offer the following advice:

1. Safeguarding

UKU coaching qualifications do not include any safeguarding training or checks.  Some Ultimate coaches have of course done additional safeguarding training, and may have DBS checks done via UK Ultimate or other organisations.  Depending on your organisations' policies you may require your own DBS check anyway.  You will need to check with the individual.

2. Insurance

We have set up a Coach Registration scheme for individuals that coach beyond their immediate club, and need insurance.  You can check with a coach if they have registered with UK Ultimate, but of course this is not the only method by which an individual or company may have insurance for coaching.


If you want - or are for some reason required - to rely on UKCC qualifications then our position is that the knowledge and experience you are looking for could be found as part of a Level 2 qualification in a similar team sport (football, netball, basketball, hockey, etc).  If in doubt please contact us.  If the coach has also done at least the UKU Leader Award then from UK Ultimate's perspective they have what they need to lead/coach Ultimate sessions.  As the players/club/school becomes more experienced in the sport we expect the coach would want to obtain additional Ultimate-specific coaching qualifications. 


If you have any questions please do contact us.



GB Mixed Masters squad 2020

We are really excited to announce the GBMX squad headed to WMUC in Australia is:

Adam Lothian
Alex Nicholson
Alice Dinsdale-Young
Anna Trebble
Ant Bailey
Audrey Thientosapol**
Ben Wainhouse
Catherine Gainey
Chris 'Aussie' Foster-White
Darbi Donaldson
David Canepa*
Ed Hopkinson**
Ed Lee
Gill Brown
Harriet Hopper
Heather Williams
James Nicoll
Jez Dunnett
Karina Cooper
Kirsten Wells
Mara Alperin
Mark Cooper
Martyn Brown
Naomi Green
Natalie Hunneman
Oliver Browne
Ross Harvey**
Sam Gunbie (Gunbie)
Stefan Lewis
Thom Saunders
Tom Mannings


*Dave Canepa - extended trial
**Ross, Audrey & Ed are active reserves who are full members of the GB squad who will step in if other players' circumstances change regarding WMUC.

How do I change or add a team admin?

This is done through the Member List page for your team.

1. Navigate to your team page

2. Click on the "Member List" link (its on the right hand side).  You can only access this list for teams of which you are a member.

3. You should now get a list of club members (including their real names and membership status).  You can promote other players to have "admin" rights over the team; and demote existing "admins" to normal player status.

How much will becoming a registered level 2 coach cost?

We hope this page will help those who are interested in going through the UK Ultimate coaching scheme estimate the total cost of becoming a registered level 2 coach.

Please be aware that all prices may vary; especially those from external organisations.

Becoming a UK Ultimate Level 1 Coach
Estimated Total: £80

Course Name Provider Estimated Price
UKU Level 1 UK Ultimate £80


Becoming a UK Ultimate Level 2 Coach
Estimated Total: £400

The UKU Level 2 has mandatory and optional components. Candidates collect credits from each section. Please view the Level 2 page for specific information on how the scheme works.

Level 2 Mandatory Credits: 20

Course Name Provider Element Estimated Price
UKU L2 Core Module
& Mentoring
UK Ultimate Mandatory Credit £175
First Aid Various Mandatory Credit £50-150

Optional Credits: 12
below are just examples, the list is not exhaustive.

Course Name Provider Element Estimated Price
Various 6 hour courses from UK Ultimate UK Ultimate Optional Credits £65
Various 3 hour SportscoachUK short courses sportscoachUK Optional Credits £20 - £50
Online Learning from EduCare NSPCC / EduCare Optional Credits £30


Becoming a Registered Coach
Estimated Total: £40
this is an annual cost of expanding your membership to be a registered coach

I'm logged in - why can't I create a team?

You need to have up to date membership with UKU in order to create a team.

We had to do this to prevent spammers from setting up accounts and creating bogus pages.




Site: How do I create an event?

On this site Events are handled as a specific type of content.

  1. First off you need to become a member and be logged in.
  2. Next go to the 'create content ' menu item (normally on the left under your username).  Depending on how the administrator has set up the site, you may not have the privileges to create an event.  If you see don't see a link on the 'create content' page to create an event, you don't have the privilege.
  3. If you see the 'event'  link, click on it and a new page should appear.  It will give you some brief instructions.  At minimum you will have to provide some basic information - including a postcode for the location of the event.
  4. Once you have finished putting in details for the event, click the preview button at the bottom of the page. This will show you what it will look like when it is published.  IF you are happy with the result, scroll down the page and click the 'submit' button.  Its important that you SUBMIT before navigating away to other pages or your work will be lost.
  5. CURRENTLY events are set up to be published straight away. Typically an administrator will also be notified for the purposes of moderation.  They will have the ability to remove or edit the event if they feel that is necessary - for example if there is unsuitabe language.

We need public liability insurance to book a training venue. Is this covered by membership?

There are two parts to this answer.

1. An individual member does have civil liabilility insurance when playing Ultimate - and in general that should include a normal club practice.  (There are some international exclusions - most notably North America is a bit more complicated.)  This should cover that individual if they become liable for injuring another player or a passer-by. 

2. However - individual membership does not cover "the club", or the club committee.  So if a problem occurs that relates more to the organisation or structure of the training rather than the play or conduct of an individual, then there is potentially a gap.  In general to deal with this scenario you need liability insurance for the club and we do recommend that clubs consider this carefully.  This is one of the reasons we have UKU Club Affiliation as it provides civil liability insurance cover for affiliated clubs.  Look here for more information about Club Affiliation.