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Player membership is annual and runs September 30th to September 30th. The reasons for a fixed renewal date can be found here:
Annual Membership Explained


UK Ultimate has two levels of membership:

Full membership (£31.00) [Buy Online Now]

Basic Membership (£6.50) [Buy Online Now]

UK Ultimate membership explained

UK Ultimate (UKU) is a membership organisation. It is effectively owned by its members who consequently are then able to have a say in how the organisation and the sport is run (more information). UKU is the recognised National Governing Body for ultimate, but receives no central or external funding from the UK Sports Councils and needs to be self-sustaining financially.  

Membership income is used to support the general administrative and running costs for the organisation - this includes some direct per-member costs (insurance and our membership of the World Flying Disc Federation).  The other running costs are primarily staff salaries but also include volunteer expenses (e.g. travel to meetings), professional fees (accounting, legal), and general office costs.  

UKU membership provides members with access to UKU competitions. There is a full events calendar in the UK with competition taking place all year round in club, university and junior divisions on grass, indoors and beach. For many of those competitions the Mixed division is organised at a different time to the Women’s and Open divisions allowing players the chance to compete in both. All members receive liability insurance cover.

There are two levels of membership: Full and Basic. A player needs to have a particular level of membership in order to be eligible for certain UK Ultimate events.

In particular you need to have Full Membership to be able to play at UKU Tour events and all national finals except junior/schools (full details here). If you will be playing in a team that is entering these tournaments then you will need Full Membership. Don't forget that students and U18 players get a discount by purchasing Uni/U18 Full Membership.

Some players only want to play in the major events from time to time and so prefer to buy One-Off Event Eligibility for these events when they occur, rather than committing to the full year up-front. If you only play one event per year, this is cheaper, but otherwise it probably makes sense to purchase the annual membership.

It is a requirement of the organisation's insurance that UK-resident players at UKU events are members of the organisation. We recognise that in some situations the cost of Full Membership would be prohibitive, so we introduced a very low cost alternative - Basic Membership that provides eligibility for a subset of our events.

For a detailed breakdown of which level of membership is required for any given UKU event, including BUCS competitions, see here.
You can purchase membership here.

Membership and Eligibility

This page provides details of how the membership types breakdown in terms of eligibility to UKU events, UKU-sanctioned events and the national squads.

Basic Membership is required to play at the following events:

Full Membership grants the right to play at all events available under Basic Membership, as well as the following:

Note: most divisions and some tournaments have additional eligibility rules that act in addition to eligibility that is derived from membership. So, for example, although your membership might make you eligible to play at a University event, you must also meet the qualifying criteria. Please see respective divisions and tournaments for further information on specific eligibility rules.

Membership and Insurance

UKU Membership includes Civil Liability cover.


Civil Liability cover provides members with insurance against being sued for negligence by a third party, e.g. a passer-by.  A simple example is e.g. if you were to injur a passer-by whilst playing ultimate by throwing a disc that hits them in face and causes a serious injury.

Playing ultimate (or pretty much any sport) clearly carries quite a bit of risk, so its worth noting that this example would be extremely unlikely to extend to a player that was struck in the face by a disc, as the player accepts such things might happen.

The cover is for a UKU member playing any ultimate provided UKU would "recognise" it as ultimate (appropriate sort of disc, playing area, etc) - but there are some restrictions on North America that limit the cover to players in "representative" teams (e.g. GB).

The cover also extends to members that take on activities on behalf of UK Ultimate.  The most obvious example is running a UKU tournament.  And this in turn is a good chance to remind everyone that it is a requirement of the policy that all UK-resident competitors at UKU events must be members, and that non UK-resident competitors must be members of their home Ultimate/Flying disc federation, and are required to have their own liability insurance.  For example players in Ireland receive this cover through their membership of the IFDA (Irish Flying Disc Association).

Clubs can now be covered by becoming affiliated with UK Ultimate. More information can be found here

UK Ultimate Club Affiliation

UK Ultimate Club Affiliation is now available (club administrators can affiliate via the JustGo system)

  1. It allows UK Ultimate to have a formal and clear relationship with clubs (as organisations rather than whichever team member happens to email to enter an event).  We need this to improve procedures around entering events, managing rosters, etc, but perhaps most of all in presenting information about clubs to the general public.
  2. It provides us with a framework that clubs and UKU can use together to support clubs that would like to offer Ultimate to young people and/or adults at risk; and supporting clubs in adopting structures and governance that will better enable them to apply for funding and grants.
  3. It allows us to extend the UKU's liability insurance to club committees at a really low cost to the clubs.

The club affiliation runs with a fixed renewal date on the calendar year - i.e. 1st Jan - 31st Dec (different to individual membership - explanation below). Any affiliations purchased during december of one year will run through until the end of the following year. (I.e affiliation purchased in December will last for a year plus however many days of December were left when the affiliation was purchased)


The cost is £35.00, and can be purchased directly through the JustGo website by your club administrator.


Affiliated clubs are identified as such on their Club-page on the website.


We do not necessarily expect all clubs to do this straight away - although of course we believe it to be of value and hope clubs will adopt it quickly.  Over a period of a few years we will gradually increase the number of clubs that are required to have affiliation.  


Additional Comments

1. There are some requirements in terms of adopting a constitution, putting Risk Assessments in place for training sessions, reporting certain incidents / injuries.

2. We do NOT want "one-off" TEAMS to become affiliated clubs. It seems unlikely that we would ever expect teams at the Alumni Cup to be part of a club affiliation programme.

3. Club Affiliation is not applicable to Schools teams (we have specific School Affiliation), nor to University clubs.

4. It is a requirement (of the insurance) that ALL CLUB MEMBERS must be members of UK Ultimate.

(a) Only Basic membership is required to fulfil this condition.

(b) This is why the club affiliation renewal is offset from the individual membership renewal.  It gives the club a chance to remind and chase their members to renew their individual membership prior to renewing the club affiliation.

(c) New players are allowed three "taster sessions" during which they are considered to be insured before they have to make a commitment to joining UK Ultimate. 

5. The Club Affiliation renewal date is offset from the individual membership renewal date in order to allow the club secretary/treasurer time to remind club members to renew for the upcoming year prior to the club affiliation renewal which cannot be done until all club members have current UKU membership.

6. Clubs should work towards adopting the UKU Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedures.


Please click here to be taken to the JustGo system to affiliate

UK Ultimate Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedures.pdf452.43 KB
UKU Outdoor Ultimate Event Risk Management Plan - Blank.xlsx252.18 KB
TWIMC annual insurance.pdf269.52 KB

UKU Discounts & Rewards

In partnership with GoMembership, who provide the membership management system, we have been able to set up a Discounts & Rewards scheme offering thousands of discounts from over 270 online and high street retailers to our members.  Example offers, discounts and brands are correct at the time of publishing and are subject to change without notice. Full terms, conditions and disclaimer information available on the scheme website.

Enrolment is simple. As part of your membership renewal you have the option to join the scheme.  Simply tick the box underneath your membership selection to enrol and you’ll add the Rewards Scheme to your cart along with your membership.

Enrolment is FREE as part of Full or Uni/U18 Full Membership, but you must enrol at the same time as renewing your membership in order to benefit from the free enrolment.  The rewards scheme is available to basic members at a small charge.  All members have the option to enrol later in the My Profile area of their account, but at that point there is a small charge irrespective of membership type.

A few days after signing-up you will receive an email advising your login details on our dedicated UKU Rewards Scheme Portal with instructions how to make best use of all of the savings.  Please note the process of adding our members to the scheme occurs weekly.



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