The Programme

UK Ultimate is responsible for selecting and supporting the leaders of the GB squads and reviewing their progress and results.

The GB Oversight Committee is an appointed sub-committee of the UKU Board that oversees activities across all of our GB squads.  In any given year there can be as many as 18 or 19 different GB squads in action and we have a growing need to ensure appropriate levels of coordination between squads and help ensure managers and players understand what to expect and what is expected of them.  For more information please see this page - including the Terms of Reference.


GB Ultimate - Senior Squads (Open, Women, Mixed, Masters, Beach)

Once appointed - the GB managers/captains of the senior squads (including the Beach squads) are largely free to run their squads in the way they believe will deliver the best end results - although as noted above we are increasing the level of coordination between squads, and working to remove as much adminstrative burden as possible from the squad managers so that they can concentrate on their team's performance.

The GB Junior Programme coordinates across four youth divisions: Junior Open & Women, U17 Open and Girls.  The programme operates under the GB Oversight Committee and is led by Ruth Flight, the GBJ Programme Manager.  The team coaching and management roles are shown below.  Basically the coaches are responsible for the Ultimate, and the managers are responsible for the broader "well-being" of the players.  Each of the four squads has a Team Coach and a Team Manager.  Generally we try to make sure there is at least one Assistant Coach involved with each squad aswell.  Current role descriptions can be found here.  Most of the squad coaches are keen to involve additional guest coaches at training sessions during the year, so please contact them or Ruth if you are interested in getting involved at that level.

The GB Junior squads are managed and coached by a team of trained and dedicated volunteers.  We’d like to say a BIG thanks to everybody who puts time and effort into making junior ultimate a success in Britain. Thanks to the coaches, teachers and parents who give up their time for the players. 

If you would like to volunteer your time to GB Juniors, we would LOVE to hear from you - please contact us using the webform - or contact Ruth Flight directly.

The GB U24 Development Programme.  The next u24 World Championships will be held in January 2018.  This event is being hosted at in Perth in Australia - please look here for more information. UK Ultimate are running a development programme in the build up to this event. Find out more about the programme here.



GB Ultimate Documents

There are a number of policies and agreements that apply to GB players:

GB Player Agreement

GB Ultimate Social Media Policy

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