The Junior Ultimate committee, led by the Junior Coordinator is responsible for:

  • Managing and coaching GB Junior squads
  • Administrating UKU Junior tournaments
  • Developing Youth Ultimate
  • Promoting the work of Youth Ultimate
  • Managing the finance and funraising of Youth Ultimate

The committee has set targets to be a world leader in Youth Ultimate. To achieve these targets we need dedicated volunteers across the UK, to contribute their time and effort towards the work of the Junior Committee.

The Junior Committee is currently recuiting for a number of positions.

If any of these roles look appealing to you, please read the job descriptions and
submit an email of interest (including who you are, your experience, and a brief about why you believe you could make a difference in that role) to: uk_jr_ultimate@yahoogroups.com


If you would like to support the committee but do not wish to apply for one of the positions above, please submit an email of interest (including who you are, your experience, and a brief explanation of what area you would like to help in) to: uk_jr_ultimate@yahoogroups.com


These roles are a great opportunity to be a change maker and really move Ultimate forward in the UK. They are also a great tool to fatten up someone’s C.V. There are countless stories about volunteers in Ultimate roles such as these who have ended up capturing the attention of employers, universities, etc! Its win-win.