Uni Eligibility FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Uni eligibility.

If you have any specific questions or request a clarification feel free to contact your Regional Coordinator on the University Committee.


My institution does not have an ultimate team, can I play with another one?

You may be  permitted to compete with your next most sensibly-nearest institution's Ultimate team for non-BUCS events ( the Mixed division, but not in the Mens or Womens Indoors or Outdoors divisions). However teams should not look to outside students as a matter of course; it would be infinitely preferable for them to explore every means of finding players from their own University before they start exploring pickups from other Universities. As a rule of thumb, if your most sensibly-nearest institution does not need you to play with them, then you cannot.

The specific criteria is attached in a document at the bottom of this page.

I'm a part time/postdoc student, can I play?

Maybe. If your institution's registrar has you down as being a part time (60 credits/year) or full time (120 credits/year) student then yes you may compete. For cases that do not involve a credit based system, part time is defined as at least 50% of the full time course hours. Postdocs is more on a case-by-case basis, as to whether the University considers you students or not. Ask the committee and they'll look into the possibilities.

I'm a visiting student at another institution, can I play for them?

You may only compete with one institution per academic year. Provided that the visiting institution's registrar classifies you as a student and you have not competed for your original institution this academic year then yes, you may compete with your visiting institution.

I'm graduating this year, can I play?

Masters or PhD students (as it often is) who finish their course and graduate part way through the academic year may play only for the part of the academic year they are registered with their institution for, they must also fulfill the usual criteria (i.e completing 60 credits or equivalent in that academic year) for eligibility.

I'm a member of staff at an institution, can I play?

No, you're not a student.

I'm a graduate from an institution and am allowed to be an associate member and train with the team, can I play?

No, you're not a student.

Do I need to buy individual membership to compete at Regionals?

Yes, everyone playing at Uni Regionals (in any division) needs to hold valid at least basic UKU membership. http://www.ukultimate.com/join

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