Bid Process to Run UKU Club Outdoor Events

If you are interested in bidding to run one of the UKU Ranking events, please consider the requirements listed below (the details on how to submit your bid can also be found at the bottom of the page).  The information below would be useful in planning any Ultimate event, but the requirements and recommendations that are outlined refer specifically to UKU Ranking events in this instance. If you would like advice about running other events, please contact and we’ll try our best to help. 


Of course, we want you to make any UKU Ranking event that you organise/run your own - please make it as individual as you like, with great extras to make the event experience the best it can be for the players! However, we do need to ensure that as a UKU Ranking event it meets some minimum requirements that help to provide a safe and enjoyable playing experience for all. If you have any questions/queries regarding any of the following, please don’t hesitate to email and we can discuss the details in more depth.


Each venue is required to have the correct number of fields that corresponds to the individual events’ maximum team capacity. 


To calculate how many fields will be needed for the event you are interested in running, please use the following as a guideline:

Preferred number of fields = (#teams/4) + 2

Minimum number of fields required = #teams/4


All events must adhere to these field requirements at least, unless otherwise stated by the UKU Events Coordinator: Ultimate Pitch Dimensions WFDF Rules


There must also be a plan for cover in case of unpleasant, or severe weather e.g. pavilion building/marquee, as well as ensuring that there are enough toilets/changing rooms for the event. Generally you can work on a ratio of 1:75 for the number of female toilets needed, with 1:425 plus 1 urinal per 125 for males, but this will vary from event to event as it depends on what permanent facilities are available. 


You will need at least 2 people available at all times as part of the TOC to run the event, one to manage HQ and the other to manage the fields. For any events with more than 6 fields, for every additional 1-4 field(s) it’s a good idea to have at least one other TOC member, unless otherwise agreed with the UKU Events Coordinator. 


If there are any additional requirements i.e. car park management/sparsely spaced fields, you will probably need extra staff/volunteers. It is also recommended that the help of a local club/team is sourced to assist in setting up/down the event. 


Car Park 

Sufficient car parking space is required for the event. To calculate the amount of car parking spaces that should be provided:

Minimum #spaces = estimated #players / 3.  For outdoor club events assume approx. 15 players per team.


If car parking is not available on site, an alternative plan needs to be in place to provide players with easy access to/from the venue e.g. a shuttle service/local car parks within walking distance.


It is expected that most teams will take care of accommodation themselves. However, if it is a 2 day event, camping may be beneficial if it is available. 


If camping is provided, additional requirements will need to be met i.e. a management plan, overnight security, etc.

Food & Drinking Water

Ideally food will be available nearby in at least some capacity i.e. on-site café, food stall, or nearby convenience store. For larger events (>24 teams), at least some level of food/refreshment on-site is a requirement. 


Easy access to drinking water needs to be available, near to the playing fields. Remember that players are likely to refill their water bottles in groups, mostly between games, so you might need to think about accessibility and number of taps.


First Aid

You will need a clear medical plan and, as a minimum, a first aid kit must be available at the fields. A combination of paramedics, first aiders and/or physiotherapists are recommended, depending on the size of the event. An ambulance/RRV + crew is required as a minimum for all events with 8 or more pitches.

Social Events

A social event is not necessary and will not affect whether or not your bid will be considered; but this is a one way to differentiate your club’s tournament. 


Winner awards and spirit trophies will be provided by UKU with the cost covered by the event income. Any additional awards i.e. MVP and/or spoon, are not necessary and should be considered only if covered by a sponsor. 



By bidding for one of these events, you agree for UKU to have full visibility of your event budget.


Please use the UKU budget template. This will be sent to you once your initial bid has been received and this will need to be completed as part of the next stage in the process.


As a starting point, a fixed fee per team will be allocated to the TOC and UKU to ensure reasonable payment for the essential work required to make these events happen. Any surplus from the event will be split (normally 50-50) between the TOC and UKU. 



Submitting Your Bid

All of the events that are open for bids are listed below, including the deadline for expressions of interest (“EOI Deadline”)


To confirm your interest, please email with the following information:

  • Name of the person submitting the bid
  • Name of the team/club that the bid is on behalf of
  • Name of the event that is being bid for
  • The venue details of where you are bidding for the event to be held (if you don’t have that information yet that’s fine, but please let us know if that is the case)
  • An email address to share a Google document with

Once your email has been received, you will then be sent a document which will include 2 parts that will need to be completed:

  1. A questionnaire regarding the above event requirements
  2. The event budget

Please provide as much detail as you can so that we can be sure that you have considered all of the aspects of running/organising the event as thoroughly as possible, and so that we can also consider your bid fairly against any others that have been received. We understand that it might not be possible for you to complete some of the sections without knowing whether or not you’ve been awarded the bid, but it is important for us to know whether you have considered all of the aspects and the possible associated costs.


We aim to review all completed bids within a few days of receiving them.  Once we have determined that we have a “viable bid” we will send a notification through the UKU Event Bid Status newsletter at which point we will also set deadline for competing Completed Bids (which will replace the EOI Deadline).  Those timescales will be determined on a case by case basis.

Once the “Completed Bids deadline” has passed, each bid will be considered and each applicant notified of the outcome individually through the email address provided in the initial stage of the bidding process.


We may start to make alternative plans for the event if we have not received any EOIs by the deadline.


If you have any questions about any of the above, please email




Events Open for Bids:

XR2 - South England (18-19 OR 25-26 April) Sunday 23rd February 2020
XR3 - Scotland/North West (16-17 May) Sunday 23rd February 2020
XR3 - South West (16-17 May) Sunday 23rd February 2020
XR3 - South East (16-17 May) Sunday 23rd February 2020
OWR2 - North West (20-21 OR 27-28 June) Sunday 15th March
OWR2 - South/South West (20-21 OR 27-28 June) Sunday 15th March
OR2 - South East (20-21 June OR 27-28 June) Sunday 15th March
OR3 - South East (18-19 July) Tuesday 14th April
OR3 - North East (18-19 July) Tuesday 14th April