The University Year

For upcoming University Events see here, though this can be spotty if people forget to create events. Regardless, when decided the calendar, and locations, are announced via the regional facebook groups.

The following is for the academic year 2019-20:

(Format: [University] [Open/Mixed/Womens] [Indoor] [Regionals/Nationals])

University Mixed Indoor Regionals - 26/27 October 2019

University Mens Indoor Regionals - 16/17 November 2019

University Womens Indoor Regionals - 24/25 November 2019

University Mixed Indoor Nationals - 30 November/1 December 2019

University Womens Indoor Nationals - 8/9 February 2020

University Mens Indoor Nationals - 15/16 February 2020

University Mens and Womens Outdoor Nationals - 4/5 April 2020

University Mixed Outdoor Nationals - 13/14 June 2020


You can see venue information by checking the event pages on the calendar.


*Events* are provisional dates.